Who Do I follow On Steem And Why?

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Hello guys, hope you are all doing great. So this is a post following the initiative by @theycallmedan where you have to make a post about who you follow on steem and why you follow them....to participate go to the link....
Who do I follow on steem and why.

Joining this platform has brought to my way so many amazing people who I would never have imagined I'd meet. These persons has in one way or the other impacted my stay here in various ways. Although, I follow lots of persons but am going to mention a few of them...


That good looking steemian right there introduced me to this platform...he has been there for me right from the day one, putting me through and making sure I got my head in the game lol. He is an amazing soul who never complains for the much disturbance I give him even in the early hours of the morning.

Why I follow him?

Well obviously because he introduced me to the platform...not just that though, he creates amazing content in games, reggae jamz and other interesting yet informative post which I always find useful. He is also good at playing splinterland games and bugs me to join in the fun lol which am considering too.

@brittandjosie ...

Meeting her via steem terminal is something I have no regret about. She has been a great source of assistance to me... I refer to her as "mama" because she is like a mother figure to me here on steem who wants not just me but other newbies on steem to grow in making good use of their creativity. Not only that, she is friendly and has a good heart...a community builder who is also good at giving good tips and advice.

Why I follow her?

I love her diversity. She gives different good post that either keeps you informed, make you think and also makes you laugh. She is everywhere hehehe....with all positive energy. One of her recent post which I love is... Trust Your Gut ~ Life Without Trust Isn't Worth Living


@steemterminal is the first place I got comfortable here on this platform, there are amazing people there in the terminal who are ready to help, share with you positive vibes and also there when you need a shoulder to lean on. They run an amazing project which has helped a whole lot of us grow. To the crew, @xcountytravelers, @wesphilbin, @jamerussell, @drakernoise, @thekittygirl @iamraincrystal, @brittandjosie, @sgt-dan ....you all are amazing.

Why I follow @steemterminal?

Well for obvious reasons they are my family here on this platform, they always make ways for newbies here on this platform by putting in place various projects like redfishrally, steem aide amongst others. In following them I show my loyalty and learn more from their post which is very informative for people who wants to grow in this vast world of steem.


She is an amazing friend who is good at what she does as a vlogger and also a thinker. She is always ready to lend a ear when you ask and willing to give her bits if she can. We could talk about serious issues affecting us and still end up laughing at the end of it lol....most times ends with a movie lol.

Why I follow her?

I like lifestyle post, most times when I read her blogs I can easily relate to what she is trying to say. Her post motivates you to want to do better in creating good and quality content. Importantly, I also follow her because I love her vlogs and as an someone who just started vlogging I want to learn from her.


Whenever I think of Saffi I just laugh lol, she is an amazing lady with lots and lots of positivity, even when she is sick or tired you still see her jumping from one post to another lol.....I think she has lots of sugar in her lol. Being friends with her has always put a smile on my face, we laugh together, gist and being crazy altogether lol.

Why I follow her?

Her post her like medicine that keeps you smiling...she has a very creative mind which creates things you wouldn't even think of lol. Her blogs are like an extension of her.

@anggreklestari ...

This is someone I admire from afar for her consistency in her food blogs, giving us tasty recipes to try out.

Why I follow her?

She always bring to her readers different kinds of food recipes which I like to learn about, giving detailed information on her blogs that keeps you glued till you are done reading.


This is my second family here on this platform, their positive vibes and support are amazing. Following my family is a must...lol.

Images are used by permission from the owners.

So that's it guys, I wish I could continue mentioning names but I'd just stop here....but let's not forget that "no one is an island of knowledge".

Thanks for reading guys, have a lovely day!!

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Loool I've infected you with Steem looool....glad you find my posts as such. When I saw my face, I was first scared liiike....what?what???who?what? Loool.....nice to know...im proud of you as well....you've even made more friends than I have in my two years....I'm also glad you always want to know more....

Hahahaha....still have a lot to learn thanks to you...😛 and I appreciate all that you do. 🤗

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Hahahaha!! I still have a lot to learn though which is all thanks to you 😛and I really appreciate all that you do.🤗

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I know a lot of these people and I definitely agree that they're all pretty awesome! Great list!

Except that blond.... she wants smell
Instead of DV policy here on steem Hahahah Hahahah thankx Victor

Smell-o-voting! Hahahahaha! Gives an entirely new dimension to the term "shit post"!

Yes they are...thank you!! 😃

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Have a great day for you. Followed you now :)

Oh thank you...a lovely day to you too.🤗

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Thank you so much and don’t forget mama when you are a whale 🐋😉 great job dan will be impressed with this blog

Hahaha!! I definitely won't...thank you mama!! 🤗

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Hey, you're following some women on Steem! excellent news :)

Lol...yeah I am, they are wonderful people. Thank you for stopping by. 🤗

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Good one! 👍👍👍

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Thanks dear.. 💖💖 for the mention..