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So as per my daily schedule I woke up early in the morning and started prepping myself for the Cold outside. The weather report says the Temperature outside is 22 degree Celsius but trust me it's not evn 10 degree Celsius out here, so I stopped at a random Tea Shop to drink some Hot Tea and get myself warmed up when the owner of the shop asked me if I would like to have some Homemade Khichdi.


If I have to describe Khichdi I would say it's like an Indian Risotto but with a lot of Spices and Veggies. Coincidentally Khichdi happens to be one of my comfort foods so I just asked for a platter of Khichdi. The Khichdi was damn delicious and to top it off the owner topped the Khichdi with some Chicken Gravy which just was like the cherry on top.


Khichdi is quite an easy dish to make but to be honest I wasn't expecting to find Khichdi that was that good out in Stalls. So yeah my Day started in a pretty awesome way.


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