If you like the steem blockchain, don't power up

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You will only be feeding the whales behind the destruction of this platform, because that's how the reward pool works: it's a faucet.

Except whales have the right to decide more than you do when it comes to distribution... And they can deny your power of distribution. They have already changed distribution rules in a way that favors them immensely.

Your power up feeds noone except the whales (people with immense steem power) that have ruined STEEM's future. By not powering up, you are motivating them into changing this situation by not giving them profit unless they make significant changes.

You can still have a say in this even if you don't have much steem power: buy a small delegation (1 steem for ~50 steem power for a month) from https://dlease.io, upvote content you like and downvote content supported by whales.

You are paying whales to rent delegations from them

1 steem = 14 cents. That's nothing to anyone. However, having at least 50 SP will allow for long-term growth.

lol if we don’t power up then the whales will only be more powerful. You’re clearly an idiot

To which I respond with a recent conversation

someone says: If STEEM will go up, we all will. Yes, whales hold a lot of power, and they exert it. But at the end of the day, if STEEM doesn't go up, they won't like the ROI on their STEEM investment either.

@felipejoys says: If steem goes up, whales will sell a bit of their humongous reserves, dropping the price down again. You won't get any benefit from it. But they will. Specially when they bought STEEM at less than 1 cent and they keep it stable by themselves.

someone says: I thought the minimum was 7 cents. Unless it came from mining. Otherwise I don't disagree that they can programmatically sell STEEM (one of them was Steemit Inc until recently, regardless of the price).

@felipejoys says: That's not all there is to it. The latest hardfork updates changed the reward distribution. Posts getting less than 20 steem payout get exponentially less than posts able to reach 20 steem.

Those whales have already met their return of investment, but they still have billions of steem power. Why? Because they cashed in liquid steem by offering bidbot services. Then when they got enough to control everything, they started downvoting bidbot customers.

So they use the steem power they got from bidbot services to downvote everything not according to their methods. Actual authors who are not part of their circlejerk get a lot less than before, which was already too little for their work.

They don't want to bring people into steem. If they did, we would see an easy way to register. They only want investors. They want to steal that powered up money through the faucet distribution.

All of these changes and scam methods are hard to understand because they happened over a few years and they can get very technical. This blinds new users. It is a way to trick people into getting steem power.

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So what's the solution?

Don't buy steem, only sell steem. Let it crash and burn until it is obvious it won't be profitable if things don't change. When that happens, don't take any promises seriously (don't buy steem) until a new hardfork is implemented.

for you

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Please stop mentioning me in your posts

Sorry, I won't anymore.

Thanks so much 😄🙏🏼😎

Hopefully at some point steem will just be the utility token and have nothing to do with rewards. Rewards would be better handled with SMTs and Tribes.

I like this idea, but since being a witness requires support from major SP holders and most of those are behind the scam artists, it's not going to happen.

they bought STEEM at less than 1 cent

No one bought at less than 1 cent. Steem was never below 1 cent, you are deluding yourself. You are talking about those who mined Steem before it was publicly sold at 6 or 7 cents.

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I don't want any war with you. Please, just leave me alone. Thank you.

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Why don't you fight the people who are doing things wrong in your eyes? Why are you targeting people for absolutely no reason?

Why are you targeting people for absolutely no reason?

sorry I thought you could read. nvm then

Alright. I've tried to talk to you normal for 3 days and you keep attacking me for no reason... But you are lost in your world as it seems.

talk to you normal for 3 days

You've acted like a bitch from the get go, so...

No. I've asked you a normal question. You only can lose this game.

from you, 4 days ago:

Why did you downvote my post?

In case that you downvote me again I will contact your delegates to tell them that you abuse the delegations for non reasonable downvotes.

you were an asshole from the get-go, threatening then cussing.

Lol, with that logic I should downvote everyone who gives you upvotes? You are a moron.

You only can lose this game.

this isn't a game

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You should spend more time in reality and less in your gaming world. You clearly have major mental health issues.

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