Inflation Basket 20191202

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script + timer start

inflation basket









    2019/12/02 - 04:00:07am

    Total execution time for script : 6.8381850719452
    Its a belgian Inflation basket ... i hurr its slightly cheaper to eat in other places ... but, to make it really hurt i feel like i should add belgian francs so

    so one STEEM is worth 5 belgian francs and 10 years from now well be breathing DOGE .. doesnt get it ... you need to EARN 600 creative coins to buy bread, 8 STEEM or 1 euro ... you dont wanna hear asian or south american prices ... these people do NOT understand you NEED to understand that before you come in here, YOUR best entrypoint into their head is that they want to play whale ... even the ones who buy 500.000 not bitcoins, they want to be fat fish, and thats YOUR entrypoint, with a lot of SIR YES SIR, thats how it is ... hmmmm ... personal opinion aside the numbers are what they are and as long as i dont get bored with it and keep it running ill try to keep the pictures close to monthly if i can check, i dont shop much but for my cat and the things i buy for me once a year dont fit in the basket - AND if you ever come over here : NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU A FREE SEAT AND WATER FOR ZERO EUROS (but legally theyre obliged to let you piss, but they will deny that - yea i spoke a lot more to people, you think vietnam is bad ? no its vietnamese people tell me : we have prices for the foreigners, well here they dont everyone pays the rip-off fee :D ay-yah! and you think that will make me less love here ... i wish hahaaaa

    people make their own choices, im not a judge of anything but whats useful to me or not


    • 20191201inflation basket picks random picks from products varying between €0.90 and €1.10
    • 20191126witnestracker should alternate with 'inflation basket' starting tonight ... little beauty problems might need ironing but works it does
    • 20191121 re-steeming and all that seems to work fine (as longs as the eebul hakzers dont d-dos my bedroom pc , not a very honourable thing to do , i can ddos it from my cellphone if i like but hm ... poor people are just that, right ...) the daily might be tweaking as adding more numbers takes more time and i cant set timeout on hosting services running servers i dont own but the pre-gen will be just fine just there listing the whole top 100 but generated once a day, if i cant do top 20 within time limit picking from -the fastest blockchain in the world- (b/c get a node, pleb !) condenser is just for show (lol) not for heavy use ... or maybe nodes are just as slow as blockchains tend to grow indefinitely (maybe thats why they think perpetual inflation is a good idea .. just burn it later or something ...) not here to comment, i'll just do a pre-gen top 20 and the pre-gen top 100 and keep separate lookup per accountname as a service dpending on how it ... euhmm, calibrates ?
    • 20191113 it should re-steem any post made by the top-5 witnesses and also a few 'feeds-of-interest' to me for now , ill find out when they post something new, the other bit is specific types by specific feeds i have that somewhere here, i did for coinsandchains on the contests posts, that will too, its an automated utility as per 'the' blockchain ... wether that's newsteem or not i dont care, b/c euh ... they told me its 'my' blockchain ... :D
    • 20191112the first idea is to have witnesstracker re-steem any post by the top five witnesses(current at the time), but also certain feeds i have vested intrest in or certain types of post from certain feeds as well, as a small all-in-one aggregator and stats-provider
    • if this says updates in sep file then it should have updates in sep file for easy reading and formatting and linking and whatnot
    • wtreport will show the top 20 but a pre-generated version showing the whole top 100 will be available here , generated with php, fetched with curl , posted from linux shell with a bit o' python, the wtreport posts once daily to @rudyardcatling, the other one generates once every day at midnight and is there for the looksies in case anyone cares (it takes between 10 and 20+ minutes to get all data and parse it i dont have a node after all)
    • autovoter will now only add a post per feed if there's not already one of that feed in the list ... writing a semi-a.i. to pick out the better ones seems a bit overkill at this space in time, its just easier and costs less time i dont have to check to weed out links and it continues, it wont run out and if half more stop posting then the ones who post more will get more votes ...
    • Now ask yourself, unless you come here to throw your money at good content like everyone in a suit with tie will tell you ... which one of those do you want to be ?Hard numbers ...remember your answer and come back in two updates and answer again ... then check back later , maybe if i REALLY have nothing to do and dont have to watch my back in hellville i try adding some connections between accounts ...
      just as a measure with no rush at ten cents ... show the relativity of stake vs in vs out vs the more they 'curate' the more they double drain ... the neverending story, to show some perspective : steem used to be over $7 , not under $0.15 , imagine what that was and why some certainly have the money to do what they do by now(or in some cases just run a node and dont what they dont ...) not my circus anymore but im around
    • To be extended to the top 50 at least with more snazzy intel like "how much have they staked for what they get , but the development speed atm is equal to the steemprice, its really not worth the time doing anything blockchainrelated right now, and thats until the rich kids fix it, not me, cos i dont have the network or the money, or the fucking bigmouth to present myself as something i am not ... i can get 1000 likes on facebook worth zero posting a picture of a meme on giphy ... a lot less for the same :)
      yea yea, fairy tales for the believers ... even upmewhale is talking newworldorder (ofcourse they would, they get like 12k a month just voting EVEN NOW ... which is gud, i just dont buy the fucking howl-with-the-wolves pitch, so i'm guessing that means delegation rewards will go down too soon ... making this place even LESS interesting cuz ... i havent spent a cent on facebook ever, but this place owes me money and it keeps trying HARD to not return it .. so fuck that, yea some stuff on bots too but i can assure you this is not high on my to-do list

      the layout ? its a freestyle dafuk you want for free?any questions ? the price is NOT the promise of tomorrow anymore but half up front or find someone else

      pushed in your face with Mon Dec 2 03:00:08 UTC 2019

      AntiFaHasher5fe230062263a9722ba354438cf9f640113a96bf64a3884b9b81f5a9653c58b809dd97c50f9d9545615a709253582beb6388eac518c614babfee0dba7d86cf991e60545b400b41561702930ab1549a4cb1e3787f1089cf1f989ab905f9153a4e5a50d20486703ef13b36adb52d8ac6f9f0bbac229594b10a8eb58eda1f6b67645fe230062263a9722ba354438cf9f640113a96bf64a3884b9b81f5a9653c58b809dd97c50f9d9545615a709253582beb6388eac518c614babfee0dba7d86cf991e60545b400b41561702930ab1549a4cb1e3787f1089cf1f989ab905f9153a4e5a50d20486703ef13b36adb52d8ac6f9f0bbac229594b10a8eb58eda1f6b6764 #steemit #reports #mediaofficials #investor #palnet #neoxian #marlians #redlambo #therising #tipu #upmewhale #spydo
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