My (semi) profitable steemit journey

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I am writing this from Kirinyaga county in Kenya. This post is my silent scream regarding downvotes and flags and I am willing to change my steemit game plan for the best. More to this post is a humble request by my best friend on steemit @ecoinstant to talk about the downvoting experience and be more real with all the members I interact with on the platform


If you've been following my articles for any amount of time, you know I've been doing mostly crypto-assets work with crypto faucets and steemit with the help of (steembottracker)

And I've done well fast with this work.

(Like 800+ steem in less than 6 months fast)

Its been pretty stupid fast money...weird how it works with the bid bot promoted content but also comes with downvote & flagging consequences

Anyways, I've been looking heavy to create more quality articles to multiply these profits and try to make a progress from a minnow to a dolphin work.

(If you've been working at steemit for a bit and making good payouts from your work, shoot me a comment response and let me know how you go about it without promoting your content using steembottracker)

So, I powered up a few steem months back and I still have it running on steemvoter... I like to upvote @ecoinstant, @elsiekjay, @jaraumoses & now am planning to add Uncle Skipper a.k.a @belemo if all will be well and get back on track so that I can make atleast $10/month, nothing wild, but its decent...considering that's my curation reward.


Well, I'm looking to scale a steempower much larger and much higher (like you should be) and take this steemit thing to the next level. To be honest, I see every damn downvoting guru on @steemflagrewards flexing their damn downvotes and mentioning folks on their posts on a daily basis (me included) and it pisses me off...because I know I can prove the @steemflagrewards, @jaguar.force, @enforcer48 @anthonyadavisii and the whole downvoting team I did not mention wrong and do better by posting quality articles like this one right here., am asking for one more chance to prove am worthy for the movie reviews I know my English on the previous movie reviews was so concentrated as @derangedvisions said earlier on and I accept my mistake and am willing to change for the better. Earlier on today I received a mute from you and this is what surprised me:


I just haven't...yet.

If you've ever felt this way, trust me, I get you.

It's a shitty feeling because most these upcoming guys post for mentorships/sales or promote their posts using the bidbot systems and the @steemflagrewards team hurriedly downvote the minnows using "bidbot promoted content" like "milking the rewards system" as @chekohler said it to me after the sportstalk saga 12-13 days ago and I was so mad at my fellow African to a point of exchanging words which is not a cool thing at all and I apologize to y'all we connected in bad terms. @slobberchops was there to answer me why downvotes exist on the bid bot content promotion at first I thought the SFR team are so biased but then am yet to figure out why @yabapmatt created the bottracker but that's not my reason for writing this article.

The big boys on steemit, they are making it happen with the hives & tribes...and you and I? Seems like we aren't. And even if I do, I still get those downvotes follow me like missiles.

Yesterday on the OCD discord channel I was discussing with @derangedvisions & @alamin33 this guys have a billionaire mindset and I thank them for the time they spent on enlightening me.

So, it's time to invest in myself, make this steemit thing work. Because if not, I am just gonna be bombarded with flags and downvotes all over the place and never make it happen myself.

The best start?
Start posting good quality articles and buy myself some income tokens to boost my sbi shares.

@ecoinstant has helped me more than anyone else with steemit and when I get up to those $10k, $20k, $30k months...he's gonna be the one I thank.

Yep, and you will too. Because that's when we will be able to be our very own Steemit guru's.



@ecoinstant is currently running a yuuuuuuuge project on Income Token.

You get access to SBI shares buy hodling your income tokens.


(Let's take steem to the moon by posting quality content one by one on a daily basis)

This article is to take these guys to the table and prove to them that the content I be demonstrating is quality and full of gems inspired by mind of a genius.

Don't forget to buy yourself some Income tokens


Trilston 💲

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Ok, look. I'm trying to understand your point of view what you seem to not realize is this is post HF21 Steem and things have changed. We have a much tighter trending page now because of the collective effort of Steemians willing to downvote overbid content.

It's not just about trending but also promoting good incentives. What we choose to reward says something about the community. These things are not without consequence.

Also, do you really think you are winning by paying someone to vote you since author and curator rewards are now split 50:50? If so, math is obviously not your strong suit.

We're doing you a favor in at least having the courtesy to tell you why we are flagging. Don't bring other people into this as I know these people and they know me / what I'm about.

I understand the whole point about the HF21 & also the 50:50 author, curator payout share. I also understand we are trending good quality content nowadays and this should be the very good reason I brought this up, I am yet to post any quality content but you know what?

time will tell...

The downvotes might kill my morale and motivation even make me quit the platform but I can feel that its so hard to dim the flame burning in my heart for steem. It's gonna take more than the downvotes if I can say.

The reason I brought everyone together is cause I wouldn't write a blog post for each and everyone repeating the same message in each article.

It's time we settled this real deal.

Your upvote bank
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Thanks for the apology I do appreciate it and yes everything seems unfair when you put it through the looking glass of yourself! I flag people who spam, bid bot for profit or plagerise I put my own account on the line when I do this! I also get downvoted because of it but that’s part of helping steem go to the those who want to earn it via their content and engaging with communities

If everyone just bid botted what’s the point of posting anything? You can just post a blank post and bid bot it so it defeats the purpose and we want to encourage social use

As for the big guys, yes I we can’t always flag them to a point where they feel it it’s unfortunate theirs not enough distribution of steem for groups to be able to regulate abuse but as it grows we will build better balancing acts!

I’ve powered up today and I continue to power up because I like it here and want to make this a fun place for all expect spammers, scammers and system abusers!

We all do with our stake as we please and this is what I’ve chosen to do! It’s nothing personal

It's my promise that we will never cross on bad terms again, thanks for teaching me this costly lesson. I had to pay for it through the nose.

I lost 100+ steem due to the downvotes.
My account got tarnished.
My reputation has been stagnant since then.

From now on I will be reppin' for the true payouts I will be making without the bit bot promotion.

🤝 Friends?

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you are a dead man walking

I just told you it's time we changed the narrative. I believe I can 💯

Think again

Mistake accepted, but I need to correct you...
@hustlehacker is my steemit student.
He is my buddy.
Actually my neighbor.
And that account ain't in my ownership.
At times we buy and sell each other content via steem and various tokens payments that doesn't mean that the account is mine.
Oh not forgetting, we also delegate steempower every now and then when need is necessary.

What does help mean to you?

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cool, your buddy is going down too for serial plagiarism then.

I will sit him down and talk to him about it

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LMAO You just dont understand who you are dealing with.