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In this day and age we live in, our lives are taken over by technology.  We cannot imagine our lives without it and listening to stories that my mom tells about how they grew up without internet or cellphones, sound like a nightmare to me.


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But like she always says You cannot miss something which you never had.  

They did not know about internet and cellphones and lives being taken over by technology and still played outside and visited one another and rode on their bikes... I am sure you have also heard these stories.

As wonderful as technology is and we are the techno generation and use to all these things, and have no desire to be without it, it can be a good idea to sometimes just unplug from it all (especially to have a good night's sleep).  

Even if it sounds impossible.

Have you ever woken up in the morning just to see you have actually replied to a message which the reply either does not make sense, or you cannot even remember that you did reply?  

This can definitely be one of the signs that you are allowing technology to take over your life and never take a break from it.


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It can be very difficult to pull yourself away from all of this and you will feel you are going to be disconnected and miss a lot, but is it really so bad to at least get away from it all at night time and make sure you get a good night's rest?  

You may feel you are young and do not need a lot of sleep and believe that it is fine to wake up a few times during the night with a pling sound, but at the end of the day you are making it difficult to concentrate the next day.  

And even though you are a teenager you still need enough sleep.

So lets pack away the technology for a few hours at night (you only have to make a few small changes)

  1. Log off your facebook and IM and email - most probably your friends will also log out if you are not there and you will really not miss a lot - nothing that cannot be caught up the next day.
  2. Turn off your cell phone - do not just put it on vibrate, because a vibrating sound in the middle of the night will also wake you.
  3. Switch off your computer at night when you go to bed - blinking lights and flickering screens can also disturb your sleeping pattern.
  4. If you feel that you will use your phone during the night, charge your phone in another room,  so while the cellphone's battery is recharging, you can also recharge yours.
  5. Make enough sleep a priority and feel and look good the next day.

You are maybe thinking It is a really silly idea to be without any cellphone or computer during the night, but once you do it a few times and you get enough sleep and feel refreshed the following day, you will understand why it is a good idea and will try and "unplug" more times.

Just look at these benefits of getting enough sleep


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You never know.......once you start unplugging from technology every once in a while, you will maybe discover a whole new world out there that you tend to miss out on if your eyes are always glued to a screen.

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