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They are black and white and as cute as can bee.  The little ones are very playful and the only place where you will find Pandas in the wild will be in China where they will be found in the bamboo forest.

These beautiful animals are endangered.  Lets learn more about the Giant Panda.


As we said pandas are severely endangered.  There are only about 2000 left in the wild. 

China owns almost all the pandas in the world and owns all future offspring of all pandas. Every time China has sent a panda to a foreign zoo in the past 10+ years, they have required an agreement that China owns the panda and its offspring. 

When a panda is born, they are very small and only weighs about 150 grams but once they are fully grown they can weigh up to 150 kg.

After the male and female have mated, the male will leave and the female will raise the cub by herself.


A panda lives almost only from bamboo and in order to get enough energy they must eat a lot of it.  An adult will eat up to 10 kg of bamboo every day.

They are very good climbers and can easily get to the bamboo or where they need to go,

A panda can live up to 20 years in the wild.

The scientific name for the giant panda is ‘ailuropoda melanoleuca’. 
  • Today you are going to practice to set your own questions.  Read the extra information here and then write down a few questions from this piece.
  • Watch the video and see how cute pandas can be.


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