Hippos - Information and a story for kids

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They are huge.  They live in the water but also on land.  They can move quickly and can attack their prey very fast with their big mouths and teeth.

They are found in different areas of Africa. Their name means 'river horse', but they look nothing like a horse.  For short we call them hippos.


Hippos are semi-aquatic which mean they live in water most of the time but also on land.  They are considered the 3rd largest land animal with the elephant and the rhino just above them.

You will find them in lakes, rivers and swamps and they spend so much time in the water, to keep their body temperature down.

They even give birth in the water.

If a hippo feels threatened, they can become very aggressive and can swim very fast and even outrun a human on land.  Do not be fooled by their short legs and chubby body.  They are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and even if they look harmless, they are not.


Hippos are carnivores and eat a lot of grass and water plants.  They have huge mouths with big teeth which the male hippos will use to fight with.

A male hippo is called a bull, a female a cow and a baby a calf and a group of hippos are called a'herd or a pod'.  They can live up to 45 years.

  • You can read some more interesting facts here.
  • Watch the story for fun.

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