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If you ask your dad what a Jaguar is, he will most probably tell you it is a type of car, but we are not talking about the car, we are talking about the animal that is part of the cat family and a magnificent hunter.

Lets read more about the Jaguar.


In the Americas, the jaguar is the biggest of the cat family, but in the world it is third biggest after tigers and lions.

The jaguar's natural habitat (where it lives) is a dense rain forests with lots of water.  A lot of rain forests are destroyed by people, so the habitat for these animals are becoming less and less.  They are also hunted for their fur, so they are endangered.

Jaguar's are only found in the Americas. Their range extends from Arizona in South-west United States, Mexico through Central America, into most Amazon River Basin countries in South America and as far south as northern Argentina.

Jaguars love to swim, just like tigers and will spend a lot of time in the water and will even hunt fish from there. They stalk their pray in the water or on land and will leap on it in the water or will jump from trees to catch the prey like deer, fish, frog and snakes.

They are solo animals which mean they live alone and not part of a pride like the lion and will only get together during mating season.

A jaguar can weigh up to 95kg and be 1.95 m long.  The mall is a bit bigger than the female.

The jaguar are featured in many myths and are a symbol of strength.  

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