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Lizards are reptiles and they are cold blooded.  They cannot regulate their body temperature like we do and you will see them sitting on a rock in the sun to get nice and war,

There are many different types of lizards.  Lets get some information on some of them.


Some lizards have a very special way of getting away from their predators.  They will loose their tail and the predator will be so busy chasing the tail that it will give them time to get away.  After a while the tail will grow back again.

Other lizards have long, strong tails and can use it to protect themselves and hit a predator with it.  They will also use it when fighting one another during mating season.

A chameleon is a type of lizard and their eyes are very interesting - the top and bottom eyelid are joined and only a little hole is left.  The eyes can move separately from one another, which means the chameleon can see two different things at once on opposite sides of his head.  Not like us that seas one picture as a whole.


A gecko is another type of lizard.  They do not have any eyelids and it looks like their eyes are popping out.  They have very special toes with 'suckers' at the bottom to allow them to climb in different positions and on different areas.

For more interesting facts on geckos, you can read here.

Have you ever seen lizards that have spines on their backs or look like dragons?  This is most probably the Komodo dragon or the Iguana that you have seen.

The komodo dragon is the largest type of lizard and can grow up to 3 m long. They are meat eaters and they can be very aggressive.  The Iguana and bearded dragons are popular to be kept as pets.


  • You are going to do some research by yourself and find information on at least 5 types of lizards.  It can be lizards that were mentioned here or it can be others.  
  • Find a picture of each and also a few facts on each.
  • Listen to the story.  See if you can re-tell it once it is done.


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Such a variety of lizards around the garden, nice to learn a little more @anneke thank you for sharing.


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