Bad Behaviour

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Geogina was a seven-year-old girl who was out of control.

Her parents had tried to manage her for six years but they had realised that they needed help to manage Geogina better.

They decided to get help from behaviour experts by putting her into care.

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Different children would need to be handled differently.

The parenting styles of our parents may not work for our children.

Some parents may often shout and scold out of anger that leads to their children picking up such habits naturally.

Their children learn from what they experience from their parents.

It was good to see that Geogina had improved behaviours after her parents sought for help in managing her.

As parents, we learn how to be better parents by learning about our children better.

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Her parents are very humble and open minded. Many parents never recognize or accept the present condition of their children.

It did take six years before they went for help. It is good that they managed to do something about it even though it was after six years of trying on their own.

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