Buying Sperm To Have Baby

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Haiyang Ye decided to travel abroad to buy sperm so that she could have a child of her own.

In the Chinese Culture, this is probably unacceptable for most Chinese.

She had spent about 500 000 CNY that was about US$70 498 at the current exchange rate.

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She was able to select the type of sperm that she wanted.

She is a Chinese Entrepreneur who owns a factory that produces cosmetics.

She is only about 31 years old and she has a successful business.

With a strong desire for a family without a partner, she decided to have a baby first.

During her pregnancy, she suffered depression especially she was able to see that most pregnant ladies had their husband while she was on her own.

It was definitely not easy as a single parent.

The responsibility of being a parent can be really tiring especially she is both father and mother.

She must admit that she is a brave lady to face her challenges as a parent on her own.

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