Getting to know polar ice on earth (part 1), - a response for @xpilar competition

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Credit to Xpilar

Getting to know polar ice on earth (part 1), - a response for @xpilar competition

Hi Steemian how are you? Hopefully always healthy and creative for.
As inhabitants of the earth we must recognize our planet better. the earth has two poles. We know him as the North Pole and South Pole.

In lessons at school we discuss how the two poles are different.
Try to discuss the differences between the two poles?
Here are some things that distinguish the north pole and south pole.

1. The land and sea are covered with ice.
The north pole is the ocean, while the south pole is the mainland.
The two poles are all covered in ice. The area closed in the Arctic (Arctic) covering 5.4 million square miles of frozen ocean has been collected, often called the Arctic circle. The thickness at the North Pole is about 2 meters and is considered "quite thin". Compare with thickness at the south pole.
South Pole (Antarctica) covering 6 million square miles that is mountainous and covered with ice. The South Pole needs 4,700 meters of ice. It became a continent. The thickness of the ice and the shape of the terrestrial relief that forms this mountain make the temperatures at the south pole very cold. The higher the regional level, the lower the temperature will be. Of course we will feel even cooler when in the South Pole.

2. The area that surrounds it.
The second difference is the area displayed by the two poles. The north pole is approved by the curse while the south pole is approved by the sea.
To get to the North Pole we can go through countries in the northern earth which are bordered by the Arctic such as Norway, America (Alaska), and Russia.
To get to the south pole we have to go through the Atlantic ocean as well as the Indian ocean. Of course, before reaching the south pole of the surrounding ocean must freeze so it needs ice-breaking equipment.

3. Polar dwellers.
The North Pole is the only natural habitat for polar bears. Around the poles can also still be found animals that can live in areas with low temperatures such as walruses, Arctic rabbits ,. The south pole, is the only penguin found naturally. Other animals that live in the south pole are whales, seals and seabirds.

3. Human Inhabitants
The South Pole is the only place on Earth that is not owned by anyone. Relief that is mountainous with a very thick layer of snow causes Antarctica can not be inhabited by humans. The South Pole has never had a history that shows this area had a native population.
While in the North Pole, around 4 million people inhabit the Arctic circle in several small cities such as large cities such as Barrow (Alaska, USA), Tromso (Norway), Muramansk and Salekhaard (Russia).
Now we know that the two poles on earth that are equally covered by ice have several differences.
Thus my writing this time is to give my thoughts to the artwork created by @xpilar. If you are interested in joining this competition, you can read the following post.
The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 26)

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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Hi @rokhani

thanks for great description based on my digital photo

my pleasure. I want to make next part too.


Thank you very much @xpilar

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