Getting to know polar ice on earth (part 2), - a response for @xpilar

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The north and south poles of the earth are eccentric places. This is all because the characteristics of the two places that have different bases but are equally supportive. In the previous article I explained the difference between the north pole and south pole. If you haven't read Please read Getting to know polar ice on earth (part 1), - a response for @xpilar competition
The ice caps at both poles are balancing and supplying fresh water on earth. Thick snow on both poles is the largest freshwater reserve that is needed by all living things. The preservation of the ice in the north and south poles greatly determines the patterns of reaction of life on earth in the past. now and the future.

The phenomenon of melting of ice at the north pole

The development of various fields of life has an impact that we all must anticipate. In a fast growing industry, the use of fossil fuels produces carbon emissions which increase badly at increasing global temperatures. Adding, global warming is happening which also has an impact on the melting of polar ice.
Wikipedia writes the polar regions now to discuss global warming faster than other regions of the world. In the last three decades, the sea ice caps around the poles have shrunk by around 990 thousand square kilometers. This is an adverse effect that we must experience from various human deeds.
We can feel that in the last decades frequent storms, droughts and extreme weather. Certainly this will make climate experts continue to worry about the effects of global warming.
This anxiety is not excessive especially what afflicts the two poles of the earth. Especially at the North Pole.

Why the North Pole?

The north pole is the closest part of the ice dump to human life. The thinning of the Arctic ice will be very influential for human behavior and the other life organism.. Here are some reasons that support it.

1.Ice at the poles can disappear
Melting of ice due to rising global temperatures can be felt. During summer the ice will melt at its peak. we know that when ice melts it will freeze again in winter. However, in the following summer the thawing will be more massive and the freezing winter-winter will not succeed in returning the amount of ice as before. If this happens continuously it is not impossible that the polar ice will disappear at some time.

2. Sea level rise.
Joining fresh water from ice that continues to melt with sea water will make sea levels rise. rising sea levels will certainly result in submergence of land or islands. if this happens then humans will lose their homes and have to find a higher place.

3. Threaten polar life.
The north pole which has interaction with all the inhabitants of both animals and plants will certainly be affected by the melting of ice at the north pole. animals and plants that are used to polar habitats and climates will naturally lose their natural habitat. without proper habitat they will be reduced and without salvation they will become extinct.

4. increase disaster due to climate change
The melting of polar ice as a result of global warming will impact on climate change that is very bad. During the summer there will be severe drought due to lack of water reserves and during the transition season there will be storms. This climate change is very felt in areas that are often hit by storms, especially in areas with a subtropical climate.
In winter, a snowstorm can occur that will damage various aspects of human life. All of this is a logical consequence of global warming which affects the melting of polar ice. this is like the domino effect that must be faced by all nations in the world.

5. Disturbing shipping
Chunks of melting ice will certainly be carried by ocean currents. If these chunks enter the shipping lane it will certainly interfere with travel by sea. Maybe if a small lump will be crushed and move away due to being hit by a ship. But if a very large chunk of ice will certainly be an obstacle. Collision with a chunk of ice can damage the ship and even sink the ship. Didn't we also see the Titanic movie?

All of the above points must be made aware that we need to act wisely in this life. The melting of polar ice will have a negative impact on us all, all living things will be connected with this natural phenomenon. So close the relationship between human life with the natural surroundings must be accompanied by a good attitude towards nature.

Thus my writing this time to provide an opinion on the art work from @xpilar. If you are interested in joining this competition you can read the following post.
The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 26)

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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