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This summer sun is very oppressive. Its rays penetrate the layers of snow and spread the color of the rainbow.
No longer cold temperatures make some ice melt. All this makes the residents of the Arctic region restless. They are very worried about this unusual situation. Conversations about this happen everywhere. All talk of thinner ice. not lost on a bear family.
A family of polar bears borne from a mother and father and two cubs are chatting in the yard.
They chimed in cheerfully to share experiences. Tell each other about experiences when going to a river that is still frozen.
"Father, I was almost stuck in a hole. The ice I stepped on this time felt so thin," said the youngest.
Then he smoothly told this very memorable experience.
At that time the youngest and the eldest went to the frozen river to look for fish. While standing on the frozen river the youngest saw many fish under the ice. He was so happy he did not realize that the layer of ice he was walking on was too thin. When catching fish feet stepped on thin ice and fell. The current of water brought it into the ice sheet.
"Luckily, there was a brother who saw me drifting under the ice. He immediately dived and pulled me and broke through the ice on it."
His sister just smiled.
"That's what you do. You have to help each other. As a sister, of course you have to take responsibility for your sister's safety," said the bear mother.
The eldest just nodded.
"But indeed some days it is very hot and it seems that a lot of ice is melting. This has been discussed by many people. But there are no concrete steps yet to overcome it," the father of the bear.
He also knew that the depletion of ice in Arctic was the result of global warming. Global warming is caused by carbon emissions and the greenhouse effect. Global warming is also caused by massive forest loss due to illegal logging. forest loss makes oxygen depleted. The weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable. All that is known as extreme weather. When the sweltering heat suddenly storms, and heavy rain.
The bear family has also invited all the animals at the North Pole to gather. The plan is that the brand will make a petition to be sent around the world. This determination has been unanimous because it has the support of all. They have even communicated with animals from various parts of the world. Many animals from the tropics endure long droughts so they have difficulty finding a better livelihood.
As they gathered together they were also invited to see the glaciers that began to be carried by the currents of the north sea. They are increasingly aware that if global warming is not stopped they will lose their homes. They will die and become extinct forever.
"So great is the effect of the melting of the Arctic ice on life that we all must be called to unite in saving the earth," said the bear father.
"Yes, we all have to be of one view so that what we do will bring results to stop the factors causing melting of polar ice caps," the deer chimed.
"We have to give stern warnings to all people to stop illegal logging, forest fires, reduce carbon emissions and the most dangerous is the use of Freon by humans," said the bear father.
"For that reason, let's make a petition to restore our home. We can't just stand still. We have to move," said another.
After an agreement they made letters addressed to all leaders of countries in the world. 195 leader of states have been sent petition letters to remember the impact of global warming.
They want to cooperate with human to make the earth better. They want snow in the north pole can be their own home.

Thus my writing this time to provide an opinion on the art work from @xpilar. If you are interested in joining this competition you can read the following post.
The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 26)
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Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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