A little household tip 真空包裝食物

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Yesterday I bought a big packet of buns and decided to freeze some of them before they go stale. Then I remember this little hack I picked up a while ago and thought it would be useful to share with everyone. The hack is to vacum pack your food before you freeze it.

So why vacum pack food? Vacum packing your food before you freeze them has the following advantages

  • it prevents crystal to form on your food and hence freezer burn
  • it keeps the moisture in your food so it tastes fresher when you eat it
  • it saves space in your freezer and that's really handy especially if you have a small freezer or hoard up on bargains like I do

You can buy a vacum sealer to pack your food. This sucks out all the air from the bag, and no, you can't use your vacum cleaner!!!! However, this means having another piece of gadget at home which not only cost a bit more money, but also takes up more space. So here's the alternative - water. Yes, it's that simple and very easy! Let me show you how

First of all put all put your food in a ziplock bag

Then prepare a basin of water and submerge you bag of food in it. Use one hand to hold it down but keep the opening above the water so the water doesn't get into the bag.

Keeping the bag submerged, slowing seal the opening. Make sure that you pinch it firmly close

Once that's done you can remove the bag from the water, and hey presto, you've vacum packed your food. Of course, this method doesn't suck out ALL the air from the bag, but it does a pretty good job. You can see the corners sticking out where there is no air, and the bag is clinging onto the food.
DSC_0159 (1).JPG

Hopefully you find this little hack useful!

Talking of freezing food, I started a #showmeyourfridge challenge a few weeks ago. I posted about mine the other day. I'm a really nosey person so would love to see your fridge. Why not take the challenge and show me your fridge?

今天想跟大家分享收藏食物到冷凍庫的一個小 技巧。 真空包裝食物到冷凍庫可以保持食物新鮮,更讓它不會產生凍燒, 而且還可以節省空間喔! 市面上有真空包裝機可以把塑膠袋裏的空氣抽出, 但這樣又要花錢,而且家裏又多一件可能不常用的工具。 今天教大家一個很簡單的方法,不用花錢而且非常容易就可以把食物真空包裝。 首把食物放到密實袋裏面,然後預備一盤水。 用手輕輕把密實袋壓進水中,但小心不要讓水注入袋裏。 然後慢慢把密實袋口捏實。 水裏的壓力會迫出空氣,造成真空的效果。 一個很簡單的方法就可以把食物包裝成真空放到冷凍庫去。 希望這個小技巧可以幫到大家!

Check out all my travel posts here on Steemit Worldmap, and also my latest project @LadiesOfAsia where we share fun and cultural diversity across Asia Pacific.

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Cake 😊

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Yes, it really works! I use cocktail tube :)

Yes, that's another method I hear. I'm tempted to try the combination of both methods one day

Wow! Never knew that, now i know. Thank you so much for that useful tip.

Wow! Never knew that,
Now i know. Thank you so much
For that useful tip.

                 - sherylneil

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You're welcome Sheryl

I use a metal straw to suck the air out then quickly pull it out and seal in one fell swoop!

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I think I'll run out of breath, sucking air out is really hard work, and do you need to do it one long breath ?