Hey! My Investment Journey Begins on Steem | My First $30 Worth of Value Purchased

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It's been pretty long I posted on the Steem blockchain right after my introductory blog. I think I wrote one of the logest ontroduction posts on this platform which was about a 13-minute read. It seemed I gave up about Steem especially when I knew about the price fall. But thanks to my referrer who still did a good follow-up and his last words were: "Pascal, it's a good time to invest on Steem. Come show your accounting prowess here!". Thank you @Uyobong for being a good man with loads of encpuragement. Thanks to @Tomlee for your roles too.

I think with this decision to invest on Steem, my presence will be more profound for scripture says "where a man;s treasure is, there his heart will also be". IN MY INTRODUCTION POST TO STEEM BLOCKCHAIN, i made a few points on what my blog will be filled with:

What do you Expect from Me as I join Steem?
Frank speeches/ Uncensored reports/ Freedom of Expressions
Breaking news
A share of my faith
Making friends and growing my knowledge web
Motivation from my life stories

I will always make reference to this from time to time to help guide my activities here. Howbeit, I forgot to mention that I WILL INVEST IN STEEM. I'm glad I finally saw the need to invest.

I HAVE MADE MY FIRST $30 INVESTMENT TO STEEM. I purchased 130 Steem and I have deposited 70 STEEM to Steem-engine.

I wish to invest in SPORTS, MARLIANS, LEO because I simply love Sports, I also love freedom that @marlians give. @Steem.leo will be the basis for the investment.

Final Words

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I hope you have a great day!

I am @Edipascal

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Welcome back on board baba!

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support

Welcome back bro. I hope you have a good time with your investments here

Posted via Marlians.com

thank you evegrace, its good to be back

Welcome on board and hope you will enjoy your journey on S-E tribes. The most important you need to have faith and patience on crypto.

Welcome back to new steem where everyone Will be carried along