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Hello everybody!

I would like to share with you a find on my last trip to the LCS.


This is a SiverTowne 1 Troy Ounce bullion round. The obverse depicts a cartoony old miner with his along with his faithful mule.

The reverse side is set up to possibly be engraved. Around the edges it shows it’s one Troy Ounce of .999 fine silver.


I haven’t really been able to find out a lot about this except that some on eBay listings, they will refer to it as being ‘vintage’ but give no further details as to what that exactly means.

Regardless, I love it!

Thanks for stopping by and please leave your comments below. Have a wonderful day/evening!

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I like the cartoonish style. It is a refreshing view from the realistic ones.

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Thanks @ronaldoavelino! I'm happy to have found it. Thank you for your comment!😎👍

Nice round @elizabethbit. Is that Yosemite Sam!?
P.S. Check THIS out when the Mr is not around ;)

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Don't worry @summertooth.......I KNOW EVERYTHING he even thinks!!😳

Baaahahahaha! XD

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I'm glad @silversaver888 pointed this article to me, didn't want to miss this.

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Thanks @kerrislravenhill!🤗❣️😎👍

The old prospector and his faithful mule have been Silvertowne's signature design, and to have a silver round with the cartoon version design makes that very interesting and special. My first look! Thanks for sharing, my stacking sis!
Have a wonderful day, and take care, sweet sis @elizabethbit! 🥰🌺🤙

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Thanks @silversaver888! That is awesome. I had never seen the cartoon caricature before. I really like it! Have a wonderful evening sweet sis!😘❣️🌹

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Nice coins! I've got some silver myself, we should be minting gold/silver instead of paper really - FARRRR more valuable, and prettier

Absolutely! Thanks for your comment.😎👍

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