[STEEM/USD] Wait, it could be ...

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A breakout?
A change in the trend?
Buyers coming in?
And the volume?

steem historical.png

A fakeout?
Just a suckers rally...

Franky, we can't know yet, but (some) of the signals are there.

As a kind of summary. Steem suffered a massive cooldown of 2 years since the peak of january 2018 with a couple of relief rallies in april 2018 & february/march of 2019.

Without considering these two periods Steem has been in a endless downtrend losing ~95% of it's value in terms of price.

Now. I just woke up and we're up ~30%. This could be a indirect consequence of the changing sentiment of the market, some BTC holders diversifying into alts and/or speculators buying in anticipation of SMT/communities.

All of the reasons can be true at the same time, also. I don't mind if Steem skyrockets today or the following month, but if this is the spark of a new bull period you should be ready, because this can accelerate quickly.

The same chart here, with some context to explain price fluctuations:

fundamental events steem.png

I don't want to announce or predict anything, but I have the feeling that the worst (both price-wise & fundamentally speaking) are behind us.

What a time to be alive (and here!)

Steem on!

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