Goal-setting strategy part 1 - How to Make profit this Year Trading The Forex Market

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Well I racked my brain for what would be the most awesome thing I could give you as you start this new year.
And since I don't know your shoe size, the fuzzy honking reindeer slippers are out I guess ;-)
I came up with something better. I actually think this is the best thing I could give you.
It's a two part gift, one today and then the rest will arrive tomorrow. (Try not to miss it)
I'm going to help you hit your New Year's goal for this year.
Here's how I'm going to do it.
I am going to give you my M.A.G.I.C formula for hitting goals...over the next two days, right here.
There's nowhere for you to go, and nothing to do.
Just open your email and receive.
OK. Ready for installment one?
I'm going to give you the "M" and the "A" parts of the formula today, so listen carefully.
But first, here's a secret:
Most people are doomed to fail THE VERY MOMENT they set their goal.
Because they don't know how to set an ACTUAL GOAL :-)
So I'm going to fix that for you right now!
Here we go.
(This is the "M" part of my M.A.G.I.C formula for hitting ANY goal you set in 2020).
Step 1. Make your goal Measurable.
What do I mean by Measurable? Here.
I'm going to make this whole process a lot easier by using an example of a "bad" goal.
Here's a bad New Year's goal: "I'm going to make more money."
Now, of course I don't think that is a bad goal in spirit - why wouldn't you want to make more money? BUT.
This goal is not achievable. Or even if you DID achieve it, is it what you really want?
Let me ask you a couple of questions so you can see what I mean.
"How much MORE money do you mean? One dollar more? Or one million dollars more?"
Because we don't know what the goal actually is, you won't know whether you achieve it or not.
Your brain KNOWS this, and won't help you get there :-)
So. What we need to do here is make this goal Measurable.
We need to know exactly WHAT you want to do by WHEN.
The way that you do this is by using Time and Numbers.
Let's rewrite the goal using those two things. Ready?
"I'm going to make $120,000 by December 31st of 2020."
Now that you can actually measure this goal, you will be able to tell if you achieved it or not.
This is step one!
Step 2. Make your goal Actionable.
The second most common mistake most people make when setting a goal is that they don't make it Actionable.
Here's what I mean by that.
Let's use our example again, using our improved version:
"I'm going to make $120,000 by December 31st of 2020."
This is great, but how are you planning to do that?
If you are hoping to win the lottery, or that an old Uncle will die and leave you his inheritance, this is not
an Actionable goal.
Because the way to get there is not within your ability to control.
If, however, you have a website that is making $1,000 per month now, and you plan to increase your traffic
by 10% each month, you have a goal that is Actionable...
If you are a Forex Trader, and you set a goal to make $120,000 by December 31st, 2020, then you need to set how
you are going to do that.
So let's rewrite our goal one more time, using the "A" part of the formula.
"I'm going to make $120,000 by December 31st of 2020, by increasing the traffic to my website by 10% each month."
"I'm going to make $120,000 by December 31st of 2020, by depositing $10,000 into my Forex account and gain minimum
of 40PIPs per day trading"
Does that seem a little more "real" or "realistic" to you?
The good thing is, your BRAIN thinks so too.
It's going to take this goal seriously.
And so, it's going to be much more helpful in getting it done.
So good so far.
However...for most goals, most of the time, "much more" isn't actually enough.
It takes a HUGE amount of effort for your brain to jolt itself out of its usual patterns, and make itself work harder
than usual to achieve a goal.
So that's why we also need to add the last three parts of the formula: G., I., and C.
Even some of the best "measurable" goals on the planet are missing these 3 things...and that's why they, too, fail.
However, this piece is already longer than any I've written in months ;-)
SO keep your eye out tomorrow -
For an email with the last 3 parts of the formula...so you can set a goal that you will actually HIT in 2020.
An amazing goal.
I can't wait to see you do it.

SHABAMBO! & Happy New Year,


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