Smaller Rewrad Pool?

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Well that was a huge jump Bitcoin made today, is still making, I guess a lot of people made a lot of money today, which is good. Even Steem is up a few percentage points and is closing in on $0.14, great news.

Now, I remember before hard fork 21 a person here whom I will omit his or her name called me among other things a fucktard an idiot and so stupid they had no idea how I could even be alive, and they asked me the ultimate question, would I rather have a growing share of an ever dwindling reward pool which would eventually leave me with nothing, or a smaller share of an ever growing reward pool which would give me more money and which was only possible by implementing the actions of HF21.

Well in truth what has happened is now I have an ever dwindling share of an ever dwindling reward pool so that guy was wrong on all his or her counts. But the thing is that after that and after all the articles that have been written justifying HF21, one thing is certain, be it because of inflation of inertia or whatever it is sure that the reward pool in Steem will be getting smaller over time there will be less Steem to share among all users.

I think this is one o f the reasons that we see so much emotion and justifications for the hard fork it is like people hanging on to something they know will be gone, sooner or later. Since the reward pool is getting smaller people are making less money, now I don't know the trend of this decrease but according to what I have read it is ongoing so this is really terrible and the price of Steem is making this thing worse.

The only way to make this workable is to have the price of Steem go back up to where it should be, if Steem where to rise a few cents every month everything would be OK, even Steemit could grow, but I really don't see this happening with people just hating on each other and patting each others backs every time they kill somebody's rewards, this is not going to help with the price and that is the one thing that can save Steem. Work toward, that stop acting like little children and Steemit just might make it.

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