The Market is Getting Ripe for Steem Tokens Investment - Bought SPORTS and DBLOG Tokens

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To some, the down prices of steem and steem tokens are indicators to walk away, but my tutor told me:
"When the prices dip, it's time to invest"

I decided to purchase some 25,000 SPORTS and a 100 DBLOG tokens. This is just the begninning of my investment journey on the Steem based tokens.

I am trusting that there will be good use cases for the tokens as creation of communities on Steem has ensued.

Why I am Investing in SPORTS?

I have enjoyed some sweet #sportstalk curation on my #actifit posts and I need more of it while also making efforts to build my investment stakes on the @sportstalksocial tribe. This is one advancement in my life that I have accomplished for joining steem.

SPORT tokens are cheap and for me, it's less risky investing there.

Why am I investing in DBLOG?

#dblog is an all-content tag and I am just loving the way the coin is growing in recent times. I used to enjoy @dblog.supporter upvotes but I'm scared that a minimum of 2300 DBLOG stake is required for future curation.

I simply need to accumulate more DBLOG tokens to stake them.

I'm totally new to business and coin trading, though, I'm much confident that I'll enjoy the journey which just began.

I will be glad if you shared some helpful tips in the comments section of this blog.

Thanks for your time.

I am @Glotokens

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