Using Asset Backed Tokenization for Credit or Borrowing

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I'm not sure if my title makes any sense, but after seeing an article written recently by @taskmaster4450 in which he discusses personal tokens and @jk6276 mentions

Imagine if @aggroed tokenized his @smalp account. $100,000 worth of cards, with rental income and capital gain. I'd buy into that in a heartbeat.
The opportunities are limitless.

it really got me thinking how personalized tokens can become a form of the credit card or personal bond of the future.

So How Can Tokens be a Form of Personal "Corporate" Bond's?

What makes me say this? Well, first we need to understand what a Corporate Bond is and what is it used for?

A corporate bond is a bond issued by a corporation in order to raise financing for a variety of reasons such as ongoing operations, M&A, or to expand the business. The term is usually applied to longer-term debt instruments, with a maturity of at least one year.

From my understanding, a corporate bond is just a sheet of paper where a company sells a piece of paper saying we'll pay you this X interest if you give me us Y money and we'll pay it back in Z years. Then if you're worried the company might default on the loan or you need the money now you can sell the bond for less than it's worth.

For instance if I bought a bond from Target because they were wanting to raise money to expand oversees. This bond was for 4% interest on $10,000 over the next 10 years. Target would then pay me back my $1000 every year with the 4% interest added to the top. Well, let's say in year 4 I really need $5000 to do repairs on the house. I can then sell the bond that still has $6000 left to be paid out (plus interest) over the next 6 years for a discount of $5,5000.

The person that buys it will get $500 for free as long as Target pays the debt off and doesn't go bankrupt. The same scenario can happen, but someone might be worried that the company might be going out of business. So instead getting a few more years of payment (when 6 years remain) I can sell the Bond for $4,000 to someone else who wants to take the risk. The person who buys the bond for $4,000 is happy if the company is able to pay for at least 4 more years and the person selling is happy to get $4,000 when they're assuming they might only get $2,000 or $3,000 more and don't want that risk.


I'm not an expert so I hope that is a correct basic explanation of how they work and that the explanation is understandable.

Personal Bonds

Now looking at it from a personal standpoint let's assume that I have around 10,000 worth of Steem of Splinterland cards and the next expansion after Splinterlands is coming out. Let us also assume, for ease of math, that Steem is now worth $1 so my collection is "worth" $10,000.

Now I don't have much liquid Steem or fiat to invest in the next set, but really want to buy $5,000 worth of packs at release so I can crack all the packs and try to sell the individual cards for a profit and hope to get lucky with some airdrops during the expansion.

How awesome would it be to create a Gniksivart Bond Token, in which I sold 5000 tokens each worth $1 apiece with the promise of paying back 10% interest at the end of the year. I could work with a moderator to set up an account that could be held in escrow in case I defaulted on the bond the cards could be sold off. People could be a little more confident if my bet didn't pay off by buying a lot of packs at release and selling individual cards, my existing cards could be sold off to make up the difference.

Of course, the entire thing could be a scam by someone who is corrupt, but it would be a neat and possibly quick way for investors, traders, etc. to raise some liquid capital that they might not otherwise have access too that could somehow be backed by digital or physical assets to give investors the confidence they needed until the confidence could be built in the borrower to keep his word.

This would also allow people to not have to power down certain times and still have access to funds. I don't completely understand how the bank of Neoxian works, but pretty sure he does the same thing lending liquid Steem with the guarantee of being paid back in liquid Steem or powering down the account if the borrowers can't pay it back in time.

Becoming a Splinterlands Market Maker

I'm sure there are plenty of people buying cards low and reselling them for more money and then using that money to buy more cards, but I can see using tokens the same way Magic the Gathering or other TCG stores use Credit cards to make big purchases at the release of new product to help make those large purchases and offset the burden of paying for it all at once and upfront.

It's an interesting concept and I think another step in becoming your own bank and setting up a decentralized financial system.

If something is set-up and works correctly it will be awesome because it gives people that have a lot of crypto in the space a way to invest and earn rewards passively, while at the same time, giving those who are able to make their money work for them more liquid capital to expand their earnings and possibly lower their cost average by buying in bulk or loading up more on the dip.

The final area I see this as a huge plus in are those that are building a rental empire in the Splinterlands market. Think how useful this would be if you have a bunch of money tied up in rentals, but want to purchase some more cards and don't want to wait until your rental money gets you up to that point. These people could get some quick liquid capital to invest in more or new cards to be rented and increase their daily, monthly, or yearly income.

Can you think of any other ways that Personal Tokens may be used? Let me know in the comments below.

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Awesome thanks for stopping by and the huge upvote!

You're most welcome!

Wonder what justification people would use when creating a "personalized" token. Let me know on POSH and OC on Twitter and leave me a comment if you have a second or two.

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