If Tether crashes - what about Bitcoin?

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Interesting survey on BTC and Tether

Crypto analyst Alex Krüger, quite known on Twitter, started a survey on how the crypto community sees the future of Bitcoin should Tether collapse. For 38 percent of the participants, it seems certain that this will lead to a temporary drop in prices of 10 to 40 percent.

More than 3,200 participants have taken part in the survey so far, and it can be seen that the opinions of the crypto community differ widely in such a scenario.

The question in the survey was: "What would happen to the Bitcoin if Tether collapsed?

  • 24% assume an actual pump
  • 16% expect the BTC to go up before it falls
  • 38% consider a temporary case of 10 to 40% probable
  • 22% see this as a catastrophe and think it could lead to new lows
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