Buying Some Untamed Packs With My MCO Visa Card!

in steemleo •  8 months ago 


This morning, I had the urge to pickup some Untamed packs- so that’s what I did! I’m more of and investor than a player, and I view Steemmonsters a great way to diversify my Steem assets!

So... I bought 10 packs of these awesome cards! And I bought them with my MCO card! That means I got 2% cash back in MCO tokens! That’s awesome! You should definitely check out the MCO Visa card, HERE!


For those of you interested in the cards I pulled, here they are:


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Nice own I still have a few more months to wait before I can get mine! Can’t wait to give it a test drive

That is pretty awesome. I have been wanting to get one of the MCO cards myself, but I don't have enough of their tokens staked to get the one I want.

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