A benefit of the proposed HF21 I hadn’t realized before

in steemleo •  last year 

After reading a post by @exyle yesterday on the power up statistics over the past two weeks, I suddenly realized something about HF21 that I hadn't paid any attention to previously.

In @exyle's report, he talked about the downward pressure SBD conversions were possibly having on the price of Steem and how the high Steem prices in early 2018 contributed to the amount of SBD that were printed.

Well, with the implementation of 50/50 curation reward split in HF21, author rewards will be reduced, meaning the amount of SBD could possibly be reduced by more than 1/3, 50% VS the previous figure of 75%. In addition, contribution to the SPS would possibly come from author rewards too, this again would reduce the amount of SBD being printed.

Moreover, with the decrease in SBD being printed, it will reduce the amount of debt on Steem and reduce the potential downward pressure on the Steem price, which is a much healthier prospect for the price of Steem going forwards.

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There's a lot to like in HF21. I'd like to see it go further, particularly with that curve, but anything more than linear is a bonus.