Downvote betrays the Community and Platform

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Downvote betrays the Community and Platform

Hi steemian how are you today? Hopefully always healthy and creative for.
Activity at Steem feels tighter. We can say that because we experience how content creators have to keep fighting about topics that make them unfriendly at Steem.
Steemian must be able to survive in the middle of a big wave called downvote do this platform. This increasingly feels our compilation of reading so rampant downvote spread by many actors. In fact, with this new world, opportunities are increasingly available for downlowers.
As a result, many account owners reduce attacks without being recognized. this can result in challenges or even the collapse of the Steemian zeal for creativity.
We know that many Steemians have improved themselves through Steemit. But because it requires material and being subjected to downvote, it will certainly feel Steemit is no longer a friendly place for a work.

<h2.Downvote Can Kill Steemian</h2
One of the things that I shared from @xpilar's post was the withdrawal of @sutan-aceh, which had been made from a creative process and hard work full of originality. Downvote attacks from large accounts so he needs to leave Steem. An event that can happen to anyone. He is a faithful Steemian who work hard and reach his dream in Steem. And unfortunatelly he get a tsunami of Downvote so he make a bitter decicion to stop for his activities in Steem
For news that is received at you can read in the following post.
Now you have killed another account of a very faithful Steemians. His heart is broken.

As an Indonsian, @sultan-aceh, become our role model. A leadership for our trip at Steemit.Heis a symbol of tenacity and enthusiasm without giving up. He is a role model for those of us who know how to work and continue to work. Photos, paintings and videos make you even more able to give us an idea of how creative at Steemit. We still hope for his reconsidering to come and returning to work at Steemit.
I hope @xpilar will can invite him back. I know @xpilar is a very close friend, so I hope with suggest and good talking about from @xpilar @sultan-aceh will come back.
We know it is hard for someone who hurt and it veri ful of pain to struggle stand in Steemit.
For all blind downvoter, please open your heart. many Steemian need support and encourage. Stop downvote to make better community and make this platform so comfortable with good work.

Warm regard from Indonesia

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it,

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