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Well that wasn't too painful.

I congratulate the team of developers and other individuals who were involved in getting things up and running. While some of the applications are still funky (I am told some of the nodes are still not updated with the patch), things are getting back to normal in terms of blockchain operation.

We will see how things go over the next 24 hours but the hope, by all of us, is the one patch that was created is all that is needed to keep things going.


So after months of debate, postings, and discussions, the Hard Fork known as "21" is gone. This leads us to ask "what is next"?

Why Hard Fork 22 of course. And that one is going to be a real humdinger.

Before getting to that, I think it best to mention why these Hard Forks have to be so cumbersome. Some mentioned that "21" should have been broken up into two separate forks. While there is a logic to this, the challenge comes in having too many HFs. They are not easy and a lot of external parties (i.e. exchanges) have to align themselves with the new code. Once in a while, they are game; do it monthly and you have a mess on your hands.

So what is Hard Fork 22? In a word it is growth.

This update will enable Steem to grow by leaps and bounds. There are two majors pieces that are going to be a part of it. One is the long-awaited Smart Media Token protocol (SMTs). The second is the Resource Credit pools.

In my opinion, the latter deals with the biggest problem on Steem: on-boarding. Right now Steemit Inc is signing on the most new people per day, somewhere in the neighborhood of a few hundred. For this platform to grow, that is not going to cut it. We need to see the ability to have tens of thousands signed up each day. With the Resource Credit pool, this is possible since it spreads the process out to the applications.

SMTs should be a tool that helps to bring a lot of users since it appeals to those sites which are already successful. Being a base layer solution, this will offer the ability to create "mini-Steems" where all the features of STEEM are provided to these tokens. Using the reward pool system that was proven over the past few years, we are seeing a turnkey operation being handed to these entities.

This is a lot easier than setting up their own blockchain or forking Steem (can't get away from problems with forks-just as the VIBE team).

The original vision was to "tokenize the Internet". As things evolve, we are seeing this become a lot more than that. The next phase of the crypto world is upon us and Steem is already taking advantage of it. In many ways, it is amazing how far ahead of the curve this place actually is.

Anyway, it was a successful Hard Fork day. We moved through it with only a few hour downtime. Again, credit to all those who were working behind the scenes to pull this off. Your efforts will go largely unnoticed but they are appreciated.

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No doubt well said! And, well done Steem Team. Steem on friends ❤

Yeah, I think the worst is behind us... onward to #HF22 and beyond! 👊🏽👨🏾‍🚀

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Honestly I think SMTs are so game changing the next hardfork needs to be HF1.0

Much better than HF21, no doubt! Every time the community can learn more to improve upon the process!

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Hi again @taskmaster4450

Indeed, this fork went smoother than I expected. I think that many people expected witnessing some real issues since this fork was quite serious.

While there is a logic to this, the challenge comes in having too many HFs. They are not easy and a lot of external parties (i.e. exchanges) have to align themselves with the new code.

That make sense.

I wonder how will this fork impact users behaviours. So far it seem that most people will be upvoting content which is already popular.

When I upvoted post with 0$ then my upvote was worth only 1,04SP and it used to be 1,7SP before the fork. However when I upvoted the highest post in trending page (100$) then my upvote increased reward by over 2 SP. So pretty much it doubled in strength.

So somehow pushing your content to trending page will bring some solid traffic. And those authors who cannot somehow find a way to push their post to trending page, will have it harder than ever before. At least that's how I see it.

For that reason I really cannot see how HF21 and HF22 could help with mass boarding. New users will be giving up right away without ever being noticed and having absolutely no rewards. STEEM is turning into "club of privillage users".

Signing up new users is just one step. Maintaining them is much harder and currently I don't think Steemit has anything to offer for newbies :(

ps. Are SMTs coming to STEEM blockchain today? Will it be introduced together with HF22? I wasn't aware of that. WOW.

Upovte on the way
Yours, Piotr

Hard fork 22 was suppose to take place in the Spring. If all goes as planned, this will now be hard fork 23.

The one going in today is a patch.

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