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There is a love/hate relationship with Whales.

We are jealous of them; despise how greedy they are; detest how they behave.

Yet most of us want to be them.

Whether it is EOS, STEEM, BTC, TRON, or ETH, the feelings are the same. They have a lot while the rest of us do not.

This is residual from the economic system we are presently operating under. There are Whales in that world too. We see them on the Forbes lists. They are continually appearing on television. When there is a major run in the market, we hear now much richer they became.

Of course, the wealth is always flaunted if there is a divorce. Jeff Bezos and Tiger Woods both wrote big checks when exiting their marriages; checks bigger than most of us can comprehend.

The challenge with all this is the concept of scarcity. Our economic system thrives on it. It presents the win/loss scenario.

Cryptocurrency is creating a new model. As opposed to scarcity, it is built upon abundance. There is no limit to what can be created. Each new project offers an opportunity for something magical. Those that are successful will generate enormous wealth for the ones involved.

The Internet was a revolutionary development that gave us some of the richest people in the world. People like Bezos, the Google Boys, and Zuckerberg have billions due to this medium. As powerful as that was, the emerge of cryptocurrency will be a lot more powerful. Tim Draper, the noted Bitcoin bull, feels that will be 100X the impact of the Internet.

I found this tweet that really sums it up for me.


Innovation is not going to stop. The means continual opportunities will emerge for everyone. As more projects come out, people will have the chance to get in early. With the passing of time, and more success, the number of Whales will expand.

Cryptocurrency does empower people. There is always only 100% of the pie. That cannot be exceeded. What can happen, though, is the pie gets bigger. We have seen this throughout the last 150 years. Technology and innovation grew the pie many times over.

The issue is that the dividing up of the pie did not favor most. Cryptocurrency eliminates this situation. When more people get involved and see the expansion of projects, ones they have a stake in, this ends up creating more wealth.

And as much as we have evolved as a species, wealth, unfortunately, is still power. The poorer nations have to submit to the richer ones. Hopefully we will move past this but it is where we are now.

Fortunately, there is a choice each can make with how that power is used. Instead of acting like a bunch of sociopaths like we have today, people can opt to use this power for the benefit of humanity. There are ideas floating out there that take the collective into account. As values change, these projects probably have a greater chance of success.

It is important to recognize the continual introduction of new projects. In the blockchain/cryptocurrency world, each of these is an opportunity to create a new set of Whales. For those who missed the first dozen of so mega-success projects, have no fear; more are showing up everyday.

Eventually, everyone will be a Whale. There are going to be some many tokens associated with different projects that success is a given. Individuals will have automation of their own which generates the growth of tokens. The 10X increase in the global economy that I expect over the next 15 years will be spread to most of the individuals on the planet. The age of centralization, as the only means of industry structure, is ending.

Individuals will have the tools to, not only bring ideas about, but to monetize them. This is an enormous change. Teenagers sitting in their bedrooms will be able to take an idea and tokenize it within a few minutes. This will provide value if there is enough other kids signing on and using whatever the application is.

Bull runs can change the landscape very quickly.

Here is a look at the accounts from January 1, 2018, which was not far from the all time highs, and the ones through Saturday.



There are now 880 more Dolphins and 123 more Orcas.

This does not make them Whales according to the MVest breakdown but it does provide a good starting point once the next bull run takes place. A run past the all time highs will means that 2,584 accounts will have roughly $50,000 or more.

Not exactly challenging Warren Buffett but it is a nice way to begin the process.

My point here is there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of these same examples over the next few years. In fact, we could see many of them built right on top of projects like Steem. Blockchains that offer token creation could see the same thing multiplying. Steem, Tron, EOS, and ETH all could have projects with similar breakdowns.

Dozens of projects on each blockchain that have a couple thousand people with significant holdings in them. And this is only the starting point.

It is a system that is constantly expanding. Each day will see new opportunities presently themselves. The fabulous part of all this is that more and more people will have the resources to get involved with these projects.

The tentacles will keep spreading as time goes by.

In the end, a couple decades down the road, we will see all of humanity being Whales. At that point, are we in a post-monetary society. I do not know but it is possible.

Either way, innovation is going to reward billions on the planet. The system is being constructed to enable this.

In my mind, it is only a matter of time.

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Me a future Whale?

  ·  7 months ago Reveal Comment

Some of us are still waiting for this whale status.

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You make me dream of becoming a whale!!! ... let it come true. I will be happy and won't use it as power to disrupt world and stuff, i am on the side of humanity!!!

Plenty of opportunities out there for each of us @mintymile. Many projects are going to be raging successes, it is just a matter of getting involved.

Glad to see you are on the side of humanity. We need all the help we can get.

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If I had read this a year ago I might have scoffed at it...
Now I'm a Steemleo whale :D

Off topic question are you in backscratchers curation trail?

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yes iam agree, 💢 amazing post, thank you for sharing

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