Trading Journal #5: patience always pays off :)

in steemleo •  last year 

After a few loooong days my trade goes again into the green zone.

I knew that I 'just' have to had a little more patience until the divergence would start playing out...


It's nice to see things going as expected :)

However, a bit of a lesson could be extracted here:


I had almost 15 of waiting before my position played out as expected. This is a huge amount of time (which I don't mind right now as I said before because I'm focused right now on learning and teaching myself).

Maybe I should consider to switch to lower timeframes (like the 4H-12H ) to allow myself to enjoy a bit of more dinamism while trading and opening/closing up positions more frequently.

Just closed my open position and enjoyed a 2% profit. I'm spot long right now.

Steem on!

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Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

Not bad, 2% is more than nothing ;-)

Every little % adds up in the long term my friend.

take a !BEER thanks for dropping by ^^