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All tribes thriving together!

For common goodness of the eco~system.

No matter how weird it seems ~ we already create value.

Despite the ever lower prices of all #altcoins, we've already built a great communities around here with every one of them creating their own currency.

If you are new to this digital money flow you may be confused at first, or just too enthusiastic or overwhelmed. It is OK, it all starts with a lot of inspiration.
On the other side, for those of us who are familiar with the crypto currencies and have first met #bitcoin and then all other coins, it could be sometimes depressing, discouraging or just boring to follow all the trends, news whatsoever... Despite there are a lot of crypto freaks around the world.

I cannot really imagine how it is going for the whales and the big investors, cause maybe they're moving the waters... so to say... and I've been never in such a role. I just try to earn crypto for living and transforming my own beliefs about money and digitalization.

What do we have here differently?!

At least we have symbolism hehe :) I mean there is a nobel idea or some kind of cause behind all the TOKENS, which exist in the #NewSteem blockchain. And just recently they announced the testing phase of #SmartMediaTokens launch, which was postponed for a long time.
The promise is that we'll have many new options to tokenize the Internet.
So not only #Steem-Engine, but a lot of new tokens will be created.

What's gonna happen?

Nobody is sure yet. Some say that many tokens of the #tribes can co-exist with SMT's and others believe that tokens could be transferred to the main chain (now they on a side-chain).

Main advantage of our tokens in comparison to other #blockchain tokens and alternative crypto coins.


And it is beyond money chasing and investing. We can earn it!
It was not so easy before to gain some crypto in your wallets. They were only #faucets and some simple games around. A lot of scams, pyramids and ponzi schemes too.

Crypto's rebirth!

Who knows... YEAR 2020 is coming and a lot of traders and people in this new scene are promoting another big bull run. Rising crypto prices.
OK but, we're here not to become rich. That's obvious. Prices are sinking.
NO PANIC, please! :) Just keep the course! We are close...

New era in #ECONOMICS

for the people by the people!

Be part of this transition and transformation of human understandings about organic artificial consciousness :) YES, we're not only approaching it.
We're into it :) We are changing and shaping some new world views...

Are we living in a grand illusion?

What is important?

You decide it NOW!

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