New arrivals - #menemonday

in hive-167922 •  3 months ago 


It's everyone's favourite day of the week - it's #menemonday! That can only mean one thing.....

I bring you, for your visual pleasure, on the last #menemonday of the year:


Some new additions to the Mrs Welshstacker collection. It's a good old mixed bag, with some 24k GOLD and PLATINUM.

Ill be taking a closer look at each individual piece in the following #menemonday's but couldn't wait to show you mene-iacs the new stash that arrived over the weekend.

With 10 new chains/charms to go through, it will definitely keep me bust for the foreseeable future.


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Beautiful! Its finally #menemonday! Thanks for kicking it off @welshstacker :)

Awesome war to pick up precious metals, and I’m sure the Mrs is very happy too!!!👍😊🤗

AWESOME, awesome, dude!
Happy New Year!!! Take care 🥰🌺🤙 !