BOOM! Splinterlands season ends in a bang! $3M Market Cap breached!!!!

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WOAH! So STOKED! The chart below shows the number of games played since launch. You can see a steady march towards new all time highs since DEC and Guilds came out at the end of May! This is a very healthy season end and I'm very excited!

Old Fights

We changed the fighting system in February. So, the first couple of weeks were literally just people spamming the same team over and over at each other. So, with little effort we achieved 47k games played.

New System

In February the system changed and now you have to figure out team compositions, you know who your opponent is, and we introduced more rules. We lost players through a very long crypto winter through may, but with the introduction of DEC and Guilds we've been growing despite Steem having lost 99% of it's value since all time highs.

New High

This latest season end marks the highest number of games played in the new system and we're gearing up for the true ALL TIME HIGHS. Maybe that'll be next season.

Splinterlands is Strong!

All that's to say that the Steem community, monster fans, and the whole Splinterlands community is doing really well. We're growing in an insanely bad bear market. Seriously, this game is unstoppable. Look below. We just hit a card marketcap of $3M!!!! How's your portfolio of things other than summoners and monsters done?

Time is Running out!

Look, Spinterlands will have a post soon detailing how alphas did in the past year since they sold out. Short answer, really effing good. Beta packs are nearly out. I doubt they'll make it out of September. There's no way we make it by Halloween. Literally any day could be the last day now cause if there's even a minor spike or anything happens in the market to steem, btc, ltc, trx, or eth you could see some heavy purchasing and miss your chance.

I'm so proud of this team and this community! Thanks guys! Splinterlands is killin' it can't wait to see how crazy this thing gets in a bull market!!!

Post Promotion

I want this post to be seen. I'm going to promote it with bidbots. I'm doing a 10% beneficiary to @steem.dao and a 10% beneficiary to @null.

(steem.dao will also receive tokens. These are effectively burnt for the different tribes.)


$marketcap is a command that we've used in Discord for over a year to track market prices. It tallies up the asking prices and multiplies it by the bcx that exists. There are many ways to count marketcap. I'm not advocating this is the best one, but it is the steady value that we've used for over a year. It's just a data point and you can track this stuff however you want. This is how I choose and think it's a great and steady metric.

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It great to see such a awesome game grow and explain to more gamers. I will definitely be buying a few more beta packs as well as saving my pennies for the next Kickstarter.

I will resteem this post too. Thanks for a great game.

It was an intense night for sure! Didn’t make it into Top 50 which shows how many players are getting great at the game. I have 400 Beta packs for the future HODL!

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Will be nice to see the next round of card packs, hopefully some new cards to shake up the meta, or maybe some more RNG to make the frequent games more interesting where both players picked the exact cards in the exact same order. This is fairly common once people get locked into a rating score based on how good their deck is, and it often comes down to who plays second, because that's usually the winner in these meta-locked scenarios.

greetings, @aggroed

I thinkt you can make 1 post a month to tell us how much people are playing this game. It will help a lot our community game

thank you and have ce nice day!

Do you guys have an estimated date for the Kickstarter?

@aggroed, These words are boosting one to hear and definitely Steemmonsters travelled a journey and still continuing really strongly. And in my opinion Scarcity will going to bring up more value.

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Our US tax id number is 95-4604782


The game rocks!

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Congrats! I need to get into the game.

So I didn't know any better, and I converted all my Alpha Cards to beta's.

LOL. Silly I know. I have been looking to Beta running out and the next series coming in since then.