My quests rewards this morning.. starting with a legendary!

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tiger quest.png

This morning I had 2 quests left from yesterday

So before I could retrieve the two quests that are waiting for me in the morning, I started doing these two first. On the silver herons account I was lucky to open a black dragon, making the DEC payment worth it. Then there also was the quest with these 3 cards:

aug 22 quest.png

Nothing special, those potions seem to have lost their magic in that account.. And although I had 5 more cards in my own account after finishing the quest (thanks to the quest potion), there was nothing special in there either, as you can see:

anouk quest.png

Maybe the other herons account will bring me something shiny?

lava quest.png

Guess not, but hey, there's the epic again! That herons account seems to love opening epics.. Not complaining about that! After I finished this quest, I thought I should try my luck buying a Beta booster from Ottermaker, and see if that would bring me anything good. Usually it doesn't but let's keep trying before the Beta madness ends forever!

beta anouk.png

Never really complaining seeing an earth elemental out there, and as you can see a gold one as well. Of course I was hoping for something more valuable! But I'm confident that there is at least 1 great card out there for me left in the beta boosters, I have to have that feeling at least once, right? :)

I decided to check my cards again, move some to my second account to balance out my own cards and to hopefully get some rentals out there as well. I burned a few and played a few more games. When I had enough to buy myself an orb, I decided to do so and test my luck there.


My luck opening orbs has been like night and day compared to opening beta's.. With orbs I get lucky a lot, with beta's not at all. I moved that one to the rental market, because the first one I put in there got leased out last night.

Now let's try to win something in the alpha tournament.. See you in the battlefield!


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