1 month later, my Splinterlands total card value up 28%!

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Hi Steemit Friends,

The last time I checked the value of my Splinterland cards was 1 month ago. At that time, the value of my cards was approximately $292. 1 month later, my cards are now worth $408 which is around 28% increase. The thing to note is I still play my daily quests if I remember or if my splinter allows me to play for reards. I have bought a number of low priced gold cards with DEC but nothing major that will increase the value significantly.

If you look at the data below, my original BCX was only 1210 and the BCX now is 1298. Again these figures are not significantly changed. What has changed is the value of my cards. They have gone up! I haven't found out what has jumped up significantly I have a feeling it is just the overall market. With Untamed out, my alpha and beta cards will have better value on the market.



I have my eyes on a few untamed cards and will check them out later. I think it will help my team but most importantly, make my team increase its value. My hunt for gold continues and will be my prime focus with a few additions.


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Nice colection!

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