The rooster rules

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Splinterlands or steemmonsters
whatever you wish to call it
is a land so endearing
you may never want to leave it

There are monsters and summoners
who battle day and night
and yet the one who is present in all the fights
is the rooster in all his might

There are the rules
so be careful where you place him
he can create havoc
and destroy all in sight

It is not the price you pay to own him
it is not about how many of him you have
it is how you use him
to fend off the enemies alright

The rooster rules
and sometimes he is the only one
besides the powerful monster
he is brave and a fighter in his own right

Laugh as you may
that he has a zero mana
that is what makes him omnipresent
and a reminder that commoners are powerful alright


image source

Image - Splinterlands lore

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Wow! Nice poem.

Posted via Steemleo

I loved this poem, this post deserves more love. (Who else uses Furious Chicken in all their battles?)

Thank you so much. :)