Why the selection of the cards and the position matters - Tips for new players on splinterlands

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I have started playing the Steem Monsters game from December and every day I learn something new.

I hope to write tips not only to help other new players such as myself but also as a reminder to those who are coming back to play after a few months of break.

Card selection and why it matters

Coming straight to the point, when you get rule sets such as :
@) earthquake - non-flying monsters suffer from damage after each round, please make sure to select the 'flying' as soon as the timer is set and select the monsters accordingly. Be careful to position the monsters accordingly as well. It won't do to place the range monster as first and the melee as second unless the rule specifically states so.


I have seen people using the goblin mech even though it says that non-flying will be damaged. Maybe, they thought that it was powerful enough to win but unfortunately for them, they lose even if they have a levelled up deck.

Why did they lose? - they did not obey the rule - As simple as that.

b) Monsters lose all abilities - You can see that all the monsters have their abilities in the form of signs under the cards. The sneaks, the snipes, the blasts and so on.


When the rules say that the monsters will lose all abilities, please choose monsters that do not have these so-called signs under the cards. It means that those monsters will have more chances of winning the game than the others whose abilities(symbols) seem dim or absent.

c) Melee and range monsters hit their target and ranged may be used in the first position. Yesterday, I won a game against a higher deck because the opponent chose a high-level magic monster instead of melee or ranged and I won.

Why did I win - the opponent chose the wrong monster.

I just wrote this os that it will be remembered by the reader when choosing a card. There is always time to choose cards.


Positioning of cards

Why does the positioning of cards matter?

If you choose to place the melee card behind the range card, then you are bound to lose even if you have a high-level deck.

If you choose a ranged guy when it says that all monsters lose the snipe abilities and such, you will lose unless you choose a magic squad.

Position the cube in the last because it has the ability to gain life each time a monster dies and that means more chances for your win.

Using the high-speed monsters in the slow speed game is also not wise. It's like racing a cycle to the finish point in a slow-cycling race.

I hope these tips are useful.

Images - screenshots and splinterlands image.

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Nice advice @sayee. I am adopting the same strategy and have cross 1000 rankings for the first time.

Posted via Steemleo

That is so nice to know, keep it up

It's jarring to see that many people don't read the rulesets of the battle when they choose their team.

Though I also use Goblin Mech in Earthquake, because I don't have many flying monsters and it has a good toughness for that. (Though I will more likely use monsters with shield ability so earthquake decreases 1 instead of 2 points each turn.)

Thats a nice tip, thanks

This is a great post! You are teaching new players how to play with your tips! Good job! An upvote is on the way from Splinterlands /Steem Monsters!

Thank you so much dear :)

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