Untamed Challenge 1: Show Your Favorite Untamed Card Art & WIN!

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Splinterlands has launched the Untamed series. What a perfect time to celebrate and give away some cool prizes. You need to be in to win!

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Untamed Challenges

@steemmonsters launched the new Untamed series a couple of days ago. I'm pretty sure you were as excited as I was to finally find out more about the cards.

To celebrate this brand new era in the Spinterlands game, I'm starting a series of challenges that will help all of use to get to know the cards a bit better.

Every week, a new challenge will be posted. You have until post payout of the challenge post to write your entry and leave a link to it in the comments section underneath the post.

The challenges won't take up a lot of your precious time. On top of that, they will be pretty easy so everyone will be able to join.

Every week, one or more prizes will be distributed.
The weekly winner(s) will be rewarded with Untamed Cards, Orbs, Untamed Booster Packs, or a prize in DEC or SPT tokens.

You can read about this week's challenge below.

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Challenge N°1

The new Untamed cards have a completely different style than the Alpa- and Beta-series.

Even though I'm not a big fan of the frames (and that's an understatement 😉), I did find out that for some cards, the card art is nothing less than amazing.

So, the first challenge is an easy one:

Of which 3 cards do you like the design the most and why?

To be clear: stats are not important. The only thing that matters is the card art.

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How To Join This Challenge?

Again, that's pretty easy.

Here are the steps to follow to create a valid entry:

  • Write a (short) post in which you showcase your chosen cards.
    (You can find the card art by clicking on the 'Lore' tab when you have selected a card to watch its stats)

  • Tell your readers why you picked those Untamed cards, and what you like about them.

  • Add a link to this post as a reference.

  • Tag 2 (or more) other Splinterlands players, and invite them to join the challenge.

  • Use #untamedchallenge as one of your first 5 tags. (Some other useful tags could be #SPT, #steemace, #battle)

  • Post a link to your entry post in the comments section of that week's challenge post.

I told you it would pretty easy ;0)


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The Prizes

1 - Everyone who sends in a valid entry will receive a vote from my @monstermother account that has almost 13k SPT staked. I'm in the process of adding BATTLE tokens to that account too.

The size of my vote, however, will depend on the quality of your post.

Keep in mind that if you put some effort in the post you create, there will be a good chance you'll be noticed by one of the great SPT/SM curation trails!

2 - Every participant will also receive a token of appreciation. The nature of this token may vary. (Beer, DerangedCoin, Shade, etc.)

3 -The weekly prize will be rewarded to the post for which the author followed all the rules (stated above), and which sticks out above the others. Originality, humor, a great layout and clear, complete and reasonable explanations are important things to keep in mind.

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I can't wait to see your top picks.

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As an example, here's my own entry for this first Untamed-challenge:

The day before Untamed went live, I did some digging and could get my hands on the original card design. I was amazed by all that beautiful art.

There were three designs that caught my attention.

First one, and my favorite:



I have always been a fan of the cartoon-ish art style of the Beta-series, and in my opinion, Cornealus still has the same vibes.
He's creepy and cute at the same time.
... maybe that's why I like it so much.

2nd place:

Spark Pixies

spark pixies.png

Don't you think they're adorable?
The designers could have decided to create a simpler, more generic pixie, but they didn't.

Instead, they opted for tiny, ghost-like creatures that carry natural electricity. Too cute for words.

3rd place:
I actually had two candidates for that last spot: the Horney Toad or the Sporcerer.
Even though I really like the humor of the designer of the Horny Toad, I made up my mind and selected the Sporcerer as my last pick.


Although he might be related to Mushroom Seer, he's definitely a lot cuter. He looks small and fragile underneath his colorful cap. Looking at him, I just want to take him home and care for him. But hey... he's in a monster's game... He is probably not as innocent as he looks. :0)

I'm inviting @cicisaja, @akomoajong, @xawi, @royaleagle, @agr8buzz, @tsnaks, @johndoer123, @phattbasskicking, @kaisergunzz, @anouk.nox, @iampolite, @reazuliqbal, @gillianpearce, @jeremycrow, @jonnyla08, @gringo211985, @atnazo, @guurry123, @rentmoney and every other Splinterlands player to take part in this challenge.

Now it's your turn. I truly hope you'll accept this challenge. Show us your favorite card-art and you might take home the gold foil prize!

Don't have a Steemmonsters / Splinterlands account yet?
Create one by clicking the banner below:

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Battlegames will be watching the #untamedchallenge tag!

Awesome posts also using the #battle tag will get smashed with upvotes (30k SPT, 250k BATTLE, 2k STEEM, 3k NEOXAG)🔥

Thanks a lot!!

@monster-curator will upvote all valid entries of @simplymike's challenge with a 100% upvote of ~2 Million SPT.


Thanks, @monster-curator ;0)

Thanks a lot

mine is shieldbearer

nice challenge!

Thanks for the contest and tagging
Here is my entry....
!giphy monster

Thanks for joining, @guury123


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Thanks for the contest! Here's my entry.. 💀


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Awesome!! Thanks!

Thanks for joining, @agr8buzz

Will try to summon a token tomorrow. i assume I've hit my max for today

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@simplymike, Just want to know if a Poetry Piece is welcomed?

Have a great time ahead. Stay blessed.



Great post and contest @simplymike. I haven't looked at all the cards yet. Haven't opened any packs either. It's been a long time since I've written a post as well so not sure I'll be joining the contest but it truly is a good one! 😁

Thanks, @gratisuntamed.

Alrighty then.. let me do some digging, as I didn't look at them that well yet :) lol

You really should... they look awesome

You're a bit ahead, @julisavio. This week was about the card art, I was planning on doing something with favorite abilities for the next post. I'll get the post up in about 2 days. Submit your post as an entry to that one.

These untamed monsters really nice to stare at😊 they have wonderful arts figure, since I met only few of them on the battlefield.. (i bought no packs😆) I need to read the lore and enjoy it first and I'll choose my fave..

will be right back with the link😉


Thanks a lot, @cicisaja



Great idea for a contest! Will try and sort something out. There are so many cards, it will actually be useful to learn a couple of things; I feel like I have to learn how to play all over again!

Same here. Haven't played a single battle in two days. I simply don't know where to start, lol

This contest is a great idea! Had to participate... and create some "art" too! 😉 😂
Here is my entry:


Thanks for joining, @pardinus


My pleasure! Thank you again for the great idea!

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Thank you! And cheers! 🙂 👍

Awesome post and contest.


Thanks, @rentmoney


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Yay for contests!
This is VERY well organized. I appreciate that. I swooped in and upped your upvote to 100%!! Wooohooo!!!

Thanks for doing this and for sharing it outside of steem.

Oh! There's a character not released yet that I have a feeling YOU WILL LOVE. I can say no more... just know, he's one of my and @chrisroberts faves. He's definitely 'cute'. Um... yeah... that's it! No more spoilers!

Thanks a lot, @carrieallen.

Now I'm soooo curious :0)

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