Rented steem power for 5 weeks: 3000 sp

in steempower •  last year 


this is my activity on steem today. today I rent 3k steem power. I often rent steem power. but this is the most amount sp I have rented here. I did this to add support.

besides that I also intend to help those who have quality posts but don't have high scores. indeed this sp hasn't been counted much. but this is a better sp than the sp I had before. currently the number of sp I have is 5500. I am happy to see my sp increase even if only temporarily. 😂Hehehe


In addition, I also intend to repay the kindness of the user who has helped me so far. @xpilar, @r2cornell @streetstyle @khanza.aulia, and there is a @smasssh that I just met. he is a good person and I am very happy to know him. I am very grateful to you guys. You are very kind.

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All the best to your leased 3k sp.
Hope you put good use to it.

Thank you very much. I'm glad you came.

Hi @aulia1993

I'm glad you're thinking of helping others who deserve your support

Make sure your power doesn't go below 80%, give it some time to recharge.

Hello sir, I'm glad you came. Thank you very much.

I think justice must be here. that's why I strongly support quality posts that don't get high marks. because I really understand how those who have struggled. I also often in such conditions.

yes sir, henceforth I will pause for a moment not to vote.

👍 🙂

That deserves a max upvote. Not even for mentioning me (thanks nevertheless), but especially for your motivation to grow and help others. Bravo!

Thank you very much for your support. I am very happy.

yes, I want justice here. that's why I will support quality posts that don't get high scores. I really understand the feelings of users who have struggled. because I'm often in that condition.