Powering up more Steem and getting used to new front ends with me @c0ff33a ☕️

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Well it's looking like a marathon not a sprint, over a week since goodguy24, nicetry001 and their buddies propelled themselves to the top of the Witness list using "borrowed" exchange funds. But we still have 9 of our existing Top Twenty Witnesses keeping a deadlock so at present we are holding strong that the Steem Blockchain will not see any random forks to suit nefarious intentions.

But nobody could anticipate just how deep Steem can dig, we've seen the most Witness voting activity since the start of the chain four years ago, the votes have moved all round and ensured our Steem Blockchain remains decentralised. It's incredible to see so many of our stakeholders motivated and ready to defend their Blockchain. And of course all our top Witnesses have been working tirelessly in talks, meetings, looking for answers and solutions - they deserve all our respect and appreciation for the work that has been put in.

And we can all do our little bit, I bought in a little more Steem to power up and help add to our DPOS Witness voting power

Screenshot 20200309 at 00.38.43.png

And it's taken me to 36,224 Steem Power, I know it's small on the grand scheme of things but I have put a great deal of time and effort into Steem myself - and I want it to stay as our community.

One thing we can not ignore is that the value of Steem is on the rise again, all this media attention - plus an incredibly active Twitter campaign from so many of our active Steemians, Witnesses and big stake holders has made Steem the most talked about Crypto - and while stock markets crash and other crypto's follow Steem is managing to climb - although that could just be down to the amount being bought to keep the sock puppet Witnesses near the top and allow exchanges that tied up all their liquid Steem provide a few of their customers exchange out their property.

Meanwhile I'm trying my best to get used to moving my front end usage, after three years of using steemit.com it's a hard habit to break so to speak. But given the new owners track record I'm not very happy with the idea of passing any information through Steemit Inc controlled domains. So I'm composing posts on steempeak.com now when on desktop, it's taken a while to get used to but I quite like the split screen with raw post on the left and how it will look when posted on the right. For mobile I'm using esteem app for iOS and that works well, although it needs to be closed in task manager to ensure the latest refresh. I'm also using these to upvote, resteem and comment on posts.

Screenshot 20200310 at 22.43.03.png

Keep Steeming on, power up if you can and keep voting for your Witnesses. Together we are strong, and as a community together we will prevail.

Right now we have to be more on top of our Witness Voting more then ever, to ensure we keep our decentralised Top Twenty in position. If you do not have the time to keep checking and changing your Witness votes please set me as your Witness Proxy -


Last Confirmed Block Number 41,535,769 Last Aslot 41,675,737

Steemd v0.22.4444

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I actually found it refreshing to use steempeak compared to steemit front end. There was so much about the steemit front end that is so backdated and makes me feeli like using social media from 15 years ago! Steempeak just trumps the steemit frontend on every single level of importance I could think of!

And @esteem has been a blessing honestly! Can’t thank @good-karma enough for this. I spend most of my time away from my computer so my android being the only media for me to stay connected to steem!

Absolutely they are both awesome ways to access the Steem blockchain.

Some useful and necessary information regarding witnesses

I do


Thank you very much for the support of my Witness 👍🏽

I have made a nice trade on Binance for a small chunk of steem, but they won’t let me withdraw it, saying that the steem wallet is under maintenance.

I guess I have to wait for their power down to happen before I get to power up my windfall.


Congrats buddy. 36K SP is nothing to sneeze at. You are heading toward Orca status. Keep it going and you will get there :)

I'm glad when I see that you still trust. That motivates many, including me. I don't know about the blockchain, I thought there was no need ... I thought others were dealing with this. I hope they do well.

That caption on your picture

I also needed that laugh more than toilet paper... (but of course most of us here use water ;p)

I’m glad it brought a smile, it’s beyond me why people are panic buying toilet roll because of an mild bout of flu going around. But people do some strange things at times. Thanks for calling by, I hope you all are keeping well 😀

There are so many good things about Steempeak, once you get used to it you might like it better! I love being able to save multiple drafts of posts at once rather than one. The page for Witness Voting is awesome. The Wallet also shows all your SCOT tokens, rather than having to go to Steem-Engine all the time, and so much more! 😁

Thank you very much, it is that whole new experience where at first you can't find things and you don't know where in the UI what you need is hiding. But now I'm getting used to it I agree there is far more features and it is much easier to use.

@esteemapp is great too ! 😉

Thank you yes, I mostly use mobile esteem but I have downloaded the desktop version as well - it’s really handy and of course especially if you have shared computers the pin lock for the app keeps people from nosing at your account!

I sense an impasse. I also worry that the also rans are over the drama and no longer paying attention. Thank for this post reminding us that the issue is not resolved.

That worries me. As do the rumours about not being able to create new, or recover, accounts. Any thoughts?

I don’t think there is anything to be too worried about, whatever happens our Steem will still be worth something - and right now it’s holding up great compared to everything else that is dropping.

Regarding accounts, you can still claim
and create accounts many ways. There are some issues with account recovery but you can change who your account is recovered to. I will try to put together a post tonight about it.

Thanks, saw your post and done :D


I also switched to SteemPeak recently, it took me a few days to get used to it but I really like it now. Glad you gave it a go as well. :)

Thank you, once you get the hang of it @steempeak is really awesome. And of course we can access the blockchain in many other ways too - in fact we are spoiled for choice really.

I like Steempeak, still has a ways to go, but definitely user-friendly.

@alliedforces curate 2

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 97.35%

For sure it’s real nice, and esteem on mobile is my favourite now - although I got so used to @partiko it’s a shame they quit.

Agreed. Have shifted all my activities there except for most of my posting which is via @steempress

You poor thing, putting up with steemit site for so long! You must be a glutton for punishment! SteemPeak is the nuts and they keep adding cool things to it now, works pretty well on phone too!

I don't know where to buy steem now binance is up sh_t creek and blocktrades takes a huge cut from buying it through them... Heard bittrex might be worth a shout but having to go through the motions of setting up on another exchange is off putting.

Do you know if steem is listed on Kucoin?

I guess I got stuck in a rut with Steemit but I have to admit @steempeak now I am used to it is a really slick front end for viewing posts and composing them.

I have always used @blocktrades to purchase Steem, as one of our biggest investors I don’t mind contributing extra in fees because it all comes back around one way or another.

when I think of consistent, upbeat, dependable, tried and true Steemians.... there are only about 10 or so that I can come up with.

and that's not cuz that's all there is! That's just cuz they're the ones I'm super familiar with :)

and you? You rank up there SO high. I love your personality! I love your heart! I love your loyalty!

I truly hope that one day I can meet you! (with @saffisara tagging close beside!) hehehehehe

(and she would be another that ranks up there HIGH, HIGH, HIGH!)


thanks for always being you - you are amazing!
Dreemie :)

Thank you so much, well I always try to stay on the positive whatever happens. And I truly appreciate you still take the time to call by and comment, maybe one day when life isn’t quite so crazy we’ll get to a meet up. I know @saffisara would love to so much as well 🤗

Yesssssssssssssss lololol


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