Yunnan Travel Notes (3)-Lijiang Mufu--云南游记(三)--丽江木府

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In the last article, I traveled to the ancient city, walked a large circle through the gate of the government, and finally came to the gate of Mufu. The plan for this day was to go to Sifang Street of the ancient city, then Mufu, and finally climb to Lion Rock behind Mufu. You need to buy tickets to enter Mufu. One person in 40 yuan is RMB. Children are half price.

There is a stone archway in front of Mufu. It was built from white marble beside Jinsha River. Now the stone archway we saw has been rebuilt. I heard that it was the earthquake that year. Mufu was rebuilt, but the same white marble was also found. The memorial arch is inscribed with the word "loyalty" bestowed by the emperor.

Just came to Mufu, just like watching TV, the ancient residence of rich and powerful people. The gate of Mufu looks different from Naxi's style, similar to Beijing's Forbidden City. Entering the wooden mansion, you can see many grannies in nana suits. the costumes are very distinctive, with an apron-like front hem tied to the front. When we came here, there was a free explanation at the door, and we went to Mufu together with the explanation.




image.png image.png

The first thing I heard was the origin of the name of Mufu. Naxi people did not have the surname of Han nationality. At that time, Naxi chieftain was appreciated by Zhu Yuanzhang and gave Mufu the surname. This is the origin of the name of Mufu.


image.png image.png

Wooden mansion from loyalty stone arch into, then to the instrument door chamber, all the way into the Wan Juan floor, dharma temple, Guangbi Tower, jade sound floor, sanqing temple. Wanjuan Building is a place for collecting books. There are a large number of historical and cultural classics and famous paintings and calligraphy in the building. The Custodian's Hall is a place to discuss family matters. Taoist Buddha statues are enshrined in Sanqing Hall. The Yuyin Building is a place where imperial edicts are received and where songs, dances and banquets are held..



image.png image.png image.png

Finally, we came to the home courtyard of Mufu in the back. Upon entering the door of the home courtyard, we could see a tree with very special leaves. The commentator said that this Guanyin willow withered and died after the earthquake in 1996, and was miraculously revived two years later. It was called a sacred tree, and many people threw lucky pendants onto the tree.


image.png image.png image.png

The courtyard is a bit like a courtyard in Beijing. The courtyard is planted with osmanthus trees and Luohansong. It is the first time I have seen such golden osmanthus trees. It is simply too beautiful and the fragrance of osmanthus is very delicious.


image.png image.png

Then I came to the bedroom and similar living room. The first photo below is a copy of the room where Miss Mufu was married. On the wall hung a costume, a traditional Naxi costume: the star-draped Dai Yue. The seven embroidered discs on the shawl symbolize the same thing. They shoulder the sun and moon, and carry the stars, commonly known as the "star-draped Dai Yue". The two large discs above symbolize the sun and moon, the small circles represent the stars, the shoulder the sun and moon, and the shoulder the stars, symbolizing the diligence of Naxi women.


image.png image.png image.png image.png


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My family and I have been visiting Yunnan for more than ten days. The following is the travel notes of Yunnan written before. I hope everyone likes them.

云南游(二)--丽江古城四方街 Travel Notes of Yunnan (2)-Lijiang Ancient City

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