My Halloween Post of 2019: A Reminisce, “I chose the Raven.”

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The Raven by Jenla license Pixabay

” Blackbirds tend to like shiny objects” ~ The Bloody Raven

The Search for my Avatar Coin Video

A few years ago I was asked, "If there was one coin that best represents you what would it be?"
Back then I began my passion for Stacking and collecting silver and an already established YouTuber, the Silver Diva, helped encourage me to share the highlights of my Stacking adventures with the community.

I've followed many other channels and said to myself that I needed to have a different style. How many versions of can one watch of the same coin on YouTube? How about one more?

Before my Stacking career, even before my nursing career, I had this voracious indulgence in reading Historical Romances, my way of escapism from my circumstances and my struggle with depression. It wasn't expensive as I could get these paperbacks at five for a buck at a used bookstore I frequented. Castles, Knights in shining armor, women of eloquence, period costumes, faith and tradition, good versus evil, forgiveness and revenge ,political intrigue, high stakes, epic battles and the romance themselves. Steemit became my opportunity to write along those lines, it’s just I haven’t got the romantic parts.

2015 20 Dollars – The Raven: Story of the Northern Lights
0.9999 Fine Silver, 31.39g, 38mm Diameter
8500 minted by the Royal Canadian Mint
Issue Price $109 CAD



The Reminisce

I am born in the year of our Lord 1482, I Taska Menine, daughter of Lord Grigory and Lady Anna Menine, and sister to Grigory II of the Menine fiefdom of Khazria. I was but ten years of age when my Father is betrayed just because the people loved him more than the king. The seductive whispers and scheming voices of evil men convinced the King to falsely charge my father Grigory of treason my family killed and I was sold into slavery.

Misty Castle By Marc Marchal Under CCO Unsplash

I vowed vengeance for my family but I was powerless and in my weakness I was led to my spirit creature, the Raven that claimed to be empowered by the First Night Walkers of Ambrogio spake Machel the Despised. There he granted me his autonomy and power using it to throw off the oppressive yoke of my cruel taskmaster and fulfill my lust for vengeance but that power also came with the price as my soul is cast in lot with the eternal undead.

1958 British Columbia 100th Anniversary
Reverse, also known as the Death Dollar as symbolized by the Raven.
0.800 Silver, 23.06g, 36.06mm Diameter
Reference KM 55, Schön # 56

In another encounter ordained by the nameless gods where in Roma I was adopted as Claudia by a compassionate Giovanni Auditorè Da Firenze where I first crafted my skills as an Assassin and acquired the powerful pendant of Ambrogio and forging it's cursed silver into my blade.

Silver Shield: Death of the Dollar
Fiat Nevermore 2018 My Article

For centuries since I trodden this earth on the quest to acquire cursed silver artifacts, in that time I have assumed a number in other aliases;

  • Teng Meng: General Cold Moon ; The Silk road.
  • Tigress Makarra: Captain of the Sukindar Black Archers: The Consolidation of India
  • Lady Teshine Mintauru,; The Karasu : Medieval Japan
  • Tianna Mintauru: The Bloody Raven of the South East Asian Seas.
  • Temm Leong Mei : The Red Dragon: The Opium Wars.
  • Lady Tracey McMillan of the Sky Pirates : Victorian England
  • Sister Teresa d'Mordecai: The Mexican Revolution
  • Madame Tricia Maloney: The Gambler's house - The California Gold rush.
  • Claudia Auditore da Firenze Esq: Mafia Hitman(woman) – Girl Friday
  • List is partial and subject to revision.

Thank you so much if you have been a follower of mine, please be patient as this list is a huge Work in progress.

Metals Mafia:The Bloody Raven's Halloween Special

Misty forest by Free Photos under Pixabay

Thank you for coming to my blog today and have a fun and safe Hallows' Eve!


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

Vampire: The Masquerade + Story Teller’s Handbook
White Wolf Publishing Inc, 1998
ISBN 1-56504-264-6 WW2304
ISBN 1-56504-249-2 WW2300


The Bloody Raven at your service.

“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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What a beautiful coin, sis @kerrislravehill. And thank you for the bit of your stacking background. I recall when you made a video during the time when you were deciding on which coin you’d be using for your avatar.
That Northernlights coin is lovely sis... but so are all your coins, Bloody Raven... Happy Halloween 🎃. Luv ya much ❤️😍🥰😘🌺🤙

Thank you so much Sis, sometimes I think our collections are unique as our personalities. And now you get the idea that most of the stories I wrote are tied together in some order and way, my own epic historical romance series and silver is at the center of it all.
'As a monk once said, "There is no other substance on earth that can become a curse or a blessing than silver!" The ability to be endowed with supernatural power.'

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Very Awesome Post!
I think you and Sadie are among the very best on Steem!!!


Oh Pashaw, I bet you say that to all the girls.💋

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Nice to be back.

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Happy Halloween Kerris @kerrislravenhill

A play safe my friend 🏴‍☠️🎃

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That raven coin is spectacular. Wow

The Silver Shield round is awesome as well.

You are the one and only "Raven"

A style that I have long cultivated since I picked up my first Harlequin Romance with a dark bent but I have keep the "General Audience" rating and avoid the fang thing.

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Ahhh my pirate sister as always you out do yourself. A beautiful avatar for a skilled and inspired individual!! An honor to have your friendship and side in battle!

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So much to do, so much to write, and where to find the time for a creature that lived many lives over the centuries.

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vivat vulpes corvum.

Or live long enough to see justice done or Revenge satisfied after 400 years.

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Both your coins and your stories are fun. I really liked this one.

Romances certainly have changed over time. Perhaps the biggest granddaddy of them all - Lancelot and Guinevere - led to death, destruction, and the collapse not only of an entire kingdom but led Britain headfirst into the dark ages. Ah, love.

I don't remember how many versions I've seen or read that; from the original Thomas Mallory's - Le Morte d'Arthur to the movie Lancelot staring Richard Gere and so on. I will tend to avoid the "Happily ever after" stuff and more to the "Tragic" and "The love lost" while trying to avoid the Fangs in the heat of the moment, as the world around myself and my lover, collide in conflict. Kind of a metaphor of my life.

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