Was All This Paperwork Necessary ?? It's Just a Colorized 1999 American Silver Eagle.........

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I Understand how Nice it is to Have a Certificate of Authenticity With Your Collectable Coins but This is Pretty Funny............

There are Two Pieces of Paperwork that Accompany This American Silver Eagle..........

Then Here is the Inside of this Certificate..............

Now If That Was Not Enough Paperwork then we Have This Additional Piece..........

OK, So Lets Look at the Coin that is Associated with all of This Paperwork.......1999 American Silver Eagle, This had got To be One of The WORST Colorized American Silver Eagles I ever Seen...........

Then the Reverse, Lovely without Color I Think...........
The SPOT Price of Silver on 3/01/2020 when I Post This is $16.80......

The Price of SILVER is On The Move.........Are You Buying The Pullback ??

Keep Adding Ounces to Your Stack and Building Your Wealth.......

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Interesting that the print looks like a comic strip print from the newspaper. I have to agree.....great coin, not so great a coloration process. It's still nice to have the certificates of authentication, though. Thanks for sharing.

The Colorization was Terrible, no doubt about it.....

Added some 2020 Maple Leafs to my stack, this was long overdue because my alter ego's 100% poured silver stacking plan.

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Very Smart Move especially at these Levels.........@kerrislravenhill

I have seen colorized Silver Eagles up where I am, and the price is a bit lower for the colorized versions.
I guess it really depends on who is the big buyers of Silver Eagles....
Still stacking Silver my friend!!🤗

Just keep Stacking Silver Ounces..........

It is amazing that the American Historical Society does not know that the last year of the millennium was not 1999, but 2000.

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I know Right @ronaldoavelino

I love it, @stokjockey! I don't have a colorized ASE, and I should. I think that the paperwork on that gives it added value to some, and but that excludes the LCS who really do not care about paperwork... I heard that they would pay a bit above spot for American Silver Eagles here in the U.S., and less than or at spot for other coins... is that true?

Most LCS's that I know of will pay more than SPOT Silver Price of American Silver Eagles. It will be fun to see what happens to The Premiums once Silver Goes to All Time Highs in Price...............Have a Nice Day Ms. Saver @silversaver888

I think colored eagles are aweful. But I'll buy them if they're cheap.

I would Agree With that Statement @fat-elvis

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