MENE + BIRTHDAY = HAPPY. A Menemonday birthday special.

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I look forward to Mondays now. They used to be the worst day of the week - back to work, having to put clothes on, not being able to scroll through #steemit for hours on end....

Then, thanks to #menemonday, I now look forward to Mondays as it gives me an opportunity to share with all you amazing folks another little piece of my #mene24k jewellery collection.

So today, for your optical pleasure, I give you my 24k gold, Capricorn charm:



So what better time to share with you my birth sign charm....


What a great birthday treat I had, to see my investment has climbed by over 30%.

Weighing in at just over 3g of the purest gold, this charm was bought as a matching set to the pure platinum version that can be found on Mrs Welshstacker's charm bracelet.


Capricorns are well known for their level headedness and love of money... So if its good enough for a Capricorn it's good enough for everyone.

With the price of gold looking to break new highs in 2020, today is a perfect time to start your own collection.

Kick-start your collection with a free $5 gift from me, just by signing up using my referral link HERE. That's $5 to use against any #mene purchase.


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“ Thanks to #menemonday, I now look forward to Mondays as it gives me an opportunity to share with all you amazing folks another little piece of my #mene24k jewellery collection.”

This is my favorite! Great work as always @welshstacker!

I am sure you look forward to another milestone year! You deserve a Mene 24K piece to commemorate another year, just like that CAPRICORN charm! It is a beautiful charm!
Have a fabulous birthday week, my dear friend @welshstacker! Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Happy Monday my friend, most definitely a good Capricorn investment!!👍🤗
Now as far as Going back to work on Monday, and “Having to put clothes on”.........🤔😲😳

Yeah! AND???

C'mon..... Surely I'm not the only one that spends his weekends naked, on the sofa, eating junk food, watching crap TV? 🤣

I now have that image burned into my mind LOL😳🤔

Happy birthday! We share the same birth month!

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