Skate Vlog - Testing the table sent to me by my friend @hauptmann and his friends - flat session.

in dtube •  10 months ago  (edited)

Hello friends, welcome to a new video for my channel, assemble the skateboard that was sent to me by @hauptmann and his crew, I wanted to do this session to see how it goes with the table, but I still do not use it every day because I still have the other.

I remember the moment when the package arrived, and I get excited, thanks once more to everyone, and well I still have this new skateboard and the other one at 50% so I have material left to upload many skateboarding videos friends.

I hope you like the video do not forget, vote, comment and subscribe and see you in a next video.


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Niiiice, thank you for the video Davi! It's so great to see you skating the new board finally. Enjoy, I hope it severs you well.
Greetings from Barcelona

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Yes brother!
I also made a video today building a new skateboard!
That’s so mad!
Good stuff bro!!! 👍

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And I filmed a flatground video like @Davixesk8. The dots are starting to connect! Hahahhaa

Skating a new board is so effortless right G? No power needed to pop, the board will just fly up in the air.
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yes brother but at first I felt weird I looked very small but it is a matter of habit bro! I felt a child with a new toy assembling the table.