Trying Switch Hardflip - Battle - Day # 1.- Steemskate

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Hola amigos espero estén bien! aquí les dejo esta pequeña edición, dejandole mis tiros de sw hardflip, un truco que tengo un montón de tiempo que no hago y me voy algo intrigado ya que estuve a punto de caerlo y no lo logre.
Pero asi es el skateboarding tenemos que darle hasta lograr conseguirlo, deje todos los tiros en orden como fueron grabados, espero que la proxima vez que patina pueda conseguirlo.

Musica : Spaceship - JMIN.

Hello friends, I hope you are well! Here I leave this little edition, leaving my shots of sw hardflip, a trick that I have a lot of time that I do not do and I go somewhat intrigued since I was about to drop it and I did not succeed.
But that is how skateboarding we have to give it until we get it, leave all the shots in order as they were recorded, I hope that the next time I skate I can get it.

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

Duuuuude so close on that landing! Gonna get it next time for sure!
Love Sw hardflips. Used to do them a lot but now I suck at them!
Much love and resteemed by @steemskate

My homie @Papadog almost landed a sw hardflip down 4 stairs yesterday G. I might get him to film a SW Hardflip trick tip.
He does the best one's I have ever seen

oh hell, well I used to do that trick of 5 attempts landed 3 but I stopped giving him soon again the unlocked brother again, I'll go for sw guetto bird.

S w Ghetto bird sound awesome and hard man but I know you can do it!
Go get it yooooo