Every dream is real, I am loaded and I will deliver.


I am carrying, and I will deliver. I have conceived and I will bring forth. I am loaded and I will deposit. I'm filled and I will pour out. I am not ordinary, this is one truth I have discovered.

I am convinced, because I was sent here for this purpose which has been my pursuit for the past 7 years. In ancient time, God had foreseen this generation and he thought it good to create me for this purpose. I have an assignment here, therefore I am not afraid of death. Death is the announcement of the completion of an assignment to me. Death is a loss only to someone who fails to discover the meaning for his existence. I am here for something serious, so when I depart I depart for good. It's a gain. Yes, a profit to my creator.

I was involved in an accident yesterday but I wasn't injured. My creator saved me because I am not yet ready. I am still loaded with dreams, I am not done yet. I wish I could take a photograph of how fatal the accident was so that you can know that I didn't escape injury or hurt only because God loves me but because He still wants me to fulfil something on earth.

My joy is to see you all partake of the goods I brought. I am from God, yes! I came down from heaven. That's my home and my source. God sent me here to deposit stuffs for humanity. And as he sent me, he also sent you. You need to open your mind and perceive the real you. The day I discovered my real self, I became so bold and I put all fears away.

I am not an ordinary human. I am loaded with heaven's treasure. I am here on earth to release what I'm carrying.

The reason why you need me is because of what I have inside. I know some may not like my voice, some may not even like my colour, please accept me just the way I am. What's inside me is more important to you. God knew you'll need it so he sent me here in this generation. The same way you can not hate a mango tree and decide you won't eat of its fruit. So ignore what you don't like about me and take my fruit. You need me and I also need you.

We all need one another to have a balanced world. The creator loaded us all with packages that will help the world find balance.

So my joy is to see that you discover who you are that you may be a blessing to me. You are important to me because of what you are carrying. That is your value and uniqueness. That is what differentiates you from others in the world. I need your content. Please release it.

I have grown intentionally that I may be a blessing to you. And now my time is here. I will release!

I am young, yes I am! But my gift is screaming. My purpose is hunting after me. I hear a loud voice on the inside saying to me; Please let me out. It is tough as I feel I haven't prepared enough. But the one who sent me keeps saying to me; the time is now. Oh! What more can I say? What more can I do? My hour of releasing has finally arrived. I am not afraid, I have built myslef against fears. I have been building my spiritual muscles for the past 7 years. Now the time has come for me to prove my confidence in the one who sent me.

Perhaps this is why the creator made it happen that in this season I should discover the power and essence of the Steem blockchain. It is all going to start on Steem and on YouTube. I will begin my dream!

The idea is to first build an online presence for my ministry. I want you to anticipate. This is a ministry which kind is scarce and rare in our world. The primary assignment of the church is for world adjustment but we have not really been playing our role. God has sent me to rearrange everything an redirect our focus.

We are God's special ambassadors, so we ought to be doing what he would if he was present here on earth himself.

I have decided, and I am determined! I will release! I will deliver! I will pour out! So when I'm empty, I will depart!

I am not afraid of death, I am here on a course.

Any student that remains in secondary school after 6 years is irrelevant to the school anymore. So my stay on earth after pouring out my vision is not relevant both to you, to me and to the one who sent me(that's my boss, his name is God). I will mine my human till my last breath.**

Be my fan! Be my friend! Motivate me!

God is my first fan, he truths me already by giving me this task, so I need you to be my number two fan. If you have a dream, I am your number two fan. God is your number one fan, he gave you the vision

I'll be sharing the link to the YouTube Chanel soon, please prove to me that you are my fan by subscribing. I love you, believe me and I believe in you!

Don't let anyone discourage you, you are powerful. Those dreams and visions you have are all real. Don't allow anyone talk you out of it. You are unique. You were made in the creator's image, you are in the God class, you belong to the ranks of God.

I am @adesojisouljay...

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Excellent reflection friend, so this post has been taken into consideration to present it to the community #PayItForward to be visited,

Thanks man!

Posted via Marlians.com

I am glad you are still with us to share your dreams and thoughts.

I found you because @jadnven featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!