Using SteemWorld For Steem-Engine Token Handling

in steemworld •  11 months ago by @steemchiller is by far and without doubt the best Steem tool there is. You can see and do almost everything blockchain-related with it.

Now, with the latest additions, you can also handle Steem-Engine tokens.

One of the best features, in my opinion, is to send tokens from one account to the other account directly to vesting.


Without this needs to be done in two steps. First you transfer tokens from the sending account or in Steem-Engine wallet, then you do the vesting in the receiving account. does it again and saves the day :)

There are goodies like Claim all rewards and other invaluable actions.

Now, when only sidechain claims would perform faster ...

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as usual, it is indeed the best tool to control anything on the steem blockchain.

I haven't seen this feature... I was claiming all manually from the phone... Its not a problem, but it could take some time.

I'll check it.

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