Can Now Stake Multiple Tokens at Once

in steemworld •  last year  (edited)

Kudos to @steemchiller, the founder behind Steemworld.

After the HF21, I was using to claim my tokens, and now I saw an extra tab where we can STAKE multiple tokens all at once.


  • Go to Balances
  • Go to Tokens
  • Click the Claim All Rewards first! By hitting this one button, you can claim all your tokens that are on SE.
  • Then Click Stake Tokens.

When you have a lot of tokens to stake like I do, it is a pain in a neck to stake each one:!

Now when you Click the Stake Tokens Button, a window will open for you to stake multiple tokens all at once:


  • By default, they are all checked
  • You just need to uncheck the ones that you don't want to stake

This is really a time saver for all of us.

Thank you @steemchiller for your labor of love.


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Thanks for the info as always.

Thanks for sharing this doingthem all one by one was such a pain and I will for sure make use of this way of doing them

You are welcome @tattoodjay. We need these features to lighten our daily workload.

I just tried it WOW that was so quick and easy, probably saves me a good 15 minutes or more ;)

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