Meditation: Getting More With Less Money

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A lot of money can be spent on gym memberships, supplements, expensive foods that are supposed to allegedly promote better well-being etc, but there are some actions that individuals can take that are completely free, actions which might reap even more benefit health wise for the individual, and one of them is meditation.

Meditation is known to help promote a healthier lifestyle, giving people the power to be mentally stronger, and calmer, and research suggests that regular meditation practice is associated with a wide range of potential health benefits. And the only investment it requires is time.

From helping individuals respond better to feedback, or handle stress better, to empowering people to make fewer mistakes, the potential healing and health benefits that are allegedly associated with regular meditation practice are impressive, especially since they don't cost a thing. Sure, you can spend money on meditation apps and different programs etc, but there are ways to engage in meditation without opening your wallet.

One study from the University of California has suggested that the individual improvement that one might experience, in sustaining attention which can be developed through the regular practice of meditation, offers benefits that last for years later.

"This study [was the first to] offer evidence that intensive and continued meditation practice is associated with enduring improvements in sustained attention and response inhibition, with the potential to alter longitudinal trajectories of cognitive change across a person's life,"

And there are numerous studies that have looked to investigate the healing potential, or any negative effects too, that might be associated with meditation practice. Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for some individuals to experience a negative side effect by engaging in meditation, at least 25 percent of those who try it, and for that reason some have expressed the importance of using caution when engaging in any meditation.

Researchers have concluded that meditation can help to potentially enable people to be better able to cope with stress in life, those who practice it also demonstrate improved general psychological well-being, among other possible benefits that might be reaped.

For something that seems as simple as sitting down and quieting the mind, various investigations have found and concluded that potentially profound benefits can be reaped through this practice, even with as little as 10 mins per day invested.

And even better is that meditation can be done from anywhere, at any time, and doesn't require any fancy equiptment or upfront investment. It only requires the time and attention.

Still, researchers continue to investigate meditation in a variety of ways, having on more than one occasion concluded that the possible benefits, if any, might be drastically limited, or perhaps overblown altogether. Regardless, this is still a practice which millions of people opt to engage in regularly, and with so many people today admittedly suffering from anxiety, or lacking self-control, those who have short attention spans etc, it is beneficial for researchers to investigate something like meditation that could bring remedy to those problems in some way, for some individuals out there when other options have failed them so far.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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I did meditation some time ago, but I kinda fell out of it :/

Been doing it for decades,
The only real way for "Me" to be calm!
Great Post!!!

Meditation is a blessing. When you are calm you are clearer, more in command and yes... healthier. Having peace is priceless. Thanks for sharing.